Keiko Kitagawa, pregnant with her second child, is forcing herself to “return to work at a super speed that worries everyone around her,” even though her reputation as a “monster” actor in the Taiga River has been on the rise. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Keiko Kitagawa, pregnant with her second child, is forcing herself to “return to work at a super speed that worries everyone around her,” even though her reputation as a “monster” actor in the Taiga River has been on the rise.

Keiko Kitagawa's stoicism and professionalism showcased by showing off her perfect body only two months after giving birth to her first child.

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In the January season this year, she played the lead role in “The Classroom of Themis – Legal Youth White Paper” (Fuji Television), her first starring role in the Geki 9 series (December ’22).

Keiko Kitagawa (37), who announced on September 25 that she is pregnant with her second child, has seen her reputation as an actress soar with her outstanding performance in the on-air historical drama “Dousuru Ieyasu” (NHK). However, as her reputation grows, those around her are said to have “certain concerns.

Kitagawa appeared as Oichi, the younger sister of Nobunaga Oda (Junichi Okada), in “Dousuru Ieyasu” starring Jun Matsumoto until August 6. From the September 24 episode, she plays the role of Chana, the beloved wife of Hideyoshi Toyotomi (Murotsuyoshi), and she is playing two roles at once.

Since Kitagawa’s appearance in the role of Chana, she has been talked about for her beautiful yet dignified and frightening character that has the air of a “last boss,” and for her emotionally unstable and impetuous lines that make people around her lose their temper.

When Hideyoshi dies, he laughs and curses at her, but then bursts into tears. She is showing her greatness as an actress in the way she manages to play both roles by herself” (sports newspaper reporter).

In January 2004, Kitagawa married DAIGO (45), a popular musician and vocalist of the rock band BREAKERZ. On September 7, 2008, she announced the birth of their first child, a daughter. However, she surprised everyone by making a “super speedy return” to work after that.

On November 2, 2008, less than two months after the birth announcement, she attended an event to celebrate the completion of “The Legacy of Dr. Death: BLACK FILE,” a movie she had already shot before her maternity leave. It was her first public appearance since giving birth. What was even more surprising was that she appeared with a body so toned that it was hard to believe that she had just given birth to a child.

She was wearing pants, but even with her clothes on, the waist and slender, beautiful legs stood out. She was smiling as her co-stars congratulated her, and we caught a glimpse of actress Kitagawa’s intense professionalism.

In a February 2009 broadcast of “TOKIO Kakeru” (Fuji TV), Kitagawa confessed that she gained a maximum of about 13.5 kg during her pregnancy with her first child. Despite this, she proudly played the lead role in the drama series “Rikokatsu” (TBS) in the April season, only seven months after the birth announcement.

Kitagawa is known for her stoic and perfectionist nature. After the birth of her first daughter, she went on a thorough diet, including muscle training and walking, and returned to work in a short time with her body back to its normal state like an athlete. In addition, she had a strong sense of responsibility to fulfill the work that had been assigned to her before her pregnancy, so she took a maternity leave and plunged into the heavy work of starring in a series of TV dramas.

However, some people around her at the time were concerned, wondering if she would be able to return to work so soon. Because she is such a type of person, people in the business are already worried that after the safe birth of her second child, she will try desperately to make a “super speedy comeback” like she did last time and push herself too hard.

On October 4 of this year, Kitagawa released a photo book commemorating the 20th anniversary of her debut, titled “37” 20th anniversary. The book showed Kitagawa in a dress that exposed a large amount of her backside with clear skin, and showed that her excellent proportions and pheromone-like beauty, which is hard to believe that she is now in her forties, are still in great shape. She has also been working at full throttle in “Dare Ieyasu,” and we can look forward to seeing how her acting has evolved even further after she became a mother of two…

Kitagawa is popular among both men and women because of her one of the best looks in the acting world, her cheerful personality, and the coolness of being at the forefront as a top actress while having a family. She is also popular among both men and women because of her coolness, and because she is one of the best looking actresses in the world, has a cheerful personality, and is at the forefront of the industry while having a family at the same time.

However, even if she takes maternity leave and concentrates on raising her child for a while, she will not be forgotten. I hope she will take good care of herself.

Kitagawa’s acting range was further broadened by her role in “Taiga. With her beauty expected to shine even more brightly after the birth of her second child, will she be in constant demand with no time to relax and rest?

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In the April 2009 season, she starred in a drama series “Rikokatsu” seven months after giving birth (June 2009).
Rikokatsu” became a hit, ranking No. 1 (at the time) in the number of views of Tver’s programs of all time.
With Sara Minami on location in front of the Tokyo District Court for “Goddess Classroom” (March 3 and 10, 2011)
On location during this year’s GW. She was wearing a T-shirt and glasses as if she had just finished her performance (May 26, 2011 issue).
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