Former V6 Member Junichi Okada’s Social Media Response to Deceased Fan’s Daughter During Hiatus Sparks Discussion, Earns Praise as True Idol | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former V6 Member Junichi Okada’s Social Media Response to Deceased Fan’s Daughter During Hiatus Sparks Discussion, Earns Praise as True Idol

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Junichi Okada, who has experience starring in the 2014 NHK Taiga drama Gunshi Kanbei.

As of November 30th, 2023, former V6 member Junichi Okada left the former Johnny & Associates (now “SMILE-UP.”), and is currently working as an actor independently. In February this year, he opened an official X (formerly Twitter) account, and Okada himself and his staff began posting. In a recent post expressing gratitude, surprising reactions have been received from fans.


While active as a member of V6, Okada, who has been highly praised for his acting skills in his acting career, continued to appear in movies, commercials, and the NHK historical drama “What to Do, Ieyasu” (broadcast in 2023) even after the group disbanded on November 1st, 2021.


However, the former Johnny & Associates to which Okada belonged aimed for a fresh start due to the sexual misconduct issue involving the founder, Johnny Kitagawa. On October 2nd, 2023, the company announced that Okada would leave the agency on November 30th. They explained, “This decision is due to the recent issue of sexual misconduct by the late Johnny Kitagawa,” and also revealed that he would establish his own entertainment agency in the future.


Subsequently, on December 1st, 2023, Okada founded his own agency, “AISTON,” and also launched an official website. On February 23rd, 2024, he declared on X, “I’m starting X because I feel the need to convey about myself, Junichi Okada, and the current state of my company, AISTON. Junichi Okada & company staff will be posting various things from here, but both I and the staff have been distant from social media, so I wonder what will happen.”


“After starting X, he addressed his fans, ‘Are all the members of the Okada family doing well?’ ‘Were you hibernating? It’s about time. Please get ready,’ he spoke to them. Okada has long been deeply involved in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Jeet Kune Do, and he demonstrated impressive action scenes in leading roles in movies such as ‘The Fable’ (released in 2019) and ‘The Fable: A Contract Killer Who Doesn’t Kill’ (released in 2021). He also holds instructor licenses in Jeet Kune Do and others, so he likely called out to his fans as the ‘Okada family’ with a touch of humor,” says an entertainment writer.


On March 1st, 2024, the birth of the official fan club was announced. Furthermore, the agency staff have been delighting fans by sharing videos that convey Okada’s playful side on X.

Amidst this, on March 7th, Okada suddenly posted, “Thank you today! I think a lot towards the sky. I hope it reaches.” Looking at the responses from fans,

“To Okada-kun himself!”

“Okada-kun, you’re reading replies properly”

“Hoping Okada-kun’s feelings get through.”

“I can’t stop crying. I’m glad it reached”

Such reactions followed one after another.

“The reason being, the day before, a certain X user had sent a message in response to Okada’s post. It was mentioned that the mother, who was a big fan of Okada, suddenly passed away, and her daughter replied from her mother’s account. It seems like they thought the mother would be happy if this post caught Okada’s eye, whom she had long supported. Other fans who knew the circumstances also offered words of condolence. Presumably, Okada, upon receiving this, wrote the next morning, ‘I think a lot towards the sky. I hope it reaches,'” says the aforementioned entertainment writer.

Okada, known for his consideration towards fans, will likely continue to be supported by many people in the future.

  • Photo by Yuri Adachi

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