Hand-in-hand date with DAIGO, lunch box in the park… Keiko Kitagawa’s “Sailor Moon after 20 years” beautiful true face photo | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hand-in-hand date with DAIGO, lunch box in the park… Keiko Kitagawa’s “Sailor Moon after 20 years” beautiful true face photo

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The scene of a premarital hand-holding date with her husband DAIGO. December ’14

Actress Keiko Kitagawa (36) returns to “Sailor Moon” after 20 years.

The movie version of “Sailor Moon Cosmos,” the first part of which will be released on June 9 and the second part on June 30. Kitagawa was deeply moved at the stage greeting on June 14, when she said, “I was very moved by the manga and anime that I first fell in love with.

The first manga and anime I fell in love with was ‘Sailor Moon. My first audition was for the live-action version of Sailor Moon. I have been fighting in the same world with those friends for 20 years, and now I am able to be involved with ‘Sailor Moon’ again. Sailor Moon” has been with me at many important milestones in my life.

Kitagawa’s acting debut was in the 2003 drama “Sailor Moon. She must be deeply attached to it.

After that, Kitagawa-san’s career as an actress progressed at a rapid pace. She has been the heroine in many famous films, including the dramas “Mystery Solved After Dinner” and “HERO 2nd Series” (both Fuji TV), and the movies “The Handsome Suit” and “From Lageri with Love”.

She is also a voracious reader who appreciates music and paintings and loves Haruki Murakami. In her personal life, she married singer and TV personality DAIGO in January ’16. In September 2008, she announced the birth of her first child.

FRIDAY” has been paying attention to Kitagawa since immediately after her debut as an actress in “Sailor Moon. Her prenuptial hand-holding date with husband DAIGO, changing her underwear at an event, and her one-person lunch box at a park ……. We would like to introduce some of the aura of Kitagawa, which grows more appealing with each passing year, in these treasured photos.

She was slowing down in front of Osamu Mukai: ……

At a public event, Kitagawa took a shocking step. It was at a stage greeting for the movie “Paradise Kisses” in June 2011.

Kitagawa, the lead actress, repeatedly teased the bust of her white mini-skirt dress for 20 minutes. …… Even when co-star Osamu Mukai handed her a bouquet of 100 blue roses as a surprise, she was somewhat nonplussed.

It was in December 2002 that we discovered the scene of her prenuptial hand-holding date with DAIGO.

DAIGO was driving his black SUV to a high-end shabu-shabu restaurant in the bay area of central Tokyo. DAIGO gets out of the car, followed by a woman in mouton boots …… Kitagawa, who comes out of the back seat.

The two met in the drama “LADY” (TBS) broadcast in ’11 and met again in a variety show at the end of ’13. At the time, it was reported in the sports press and other media that they had become close while dining with mutual acquaintances such as Shiori Kanjiya, but there were no two-shot or sighting reports. ‘Aren’t they an air couple?’ There were no two shots or sightings of them together.

After leaving the shabu-shabu restaurant, they got into the SUV holding hands firmly. Kitagawa got into the back of the SUV and headed to DAIGO’s mansion.

Now that she is married to DAIGO, Kitagawa no longer has to be on high alert when she leaves the house.

Kitagawa, obsessively concerned about her breasts at a June ’11 event.
Obsessively worrying about her breasts at an event in June ’11.
In October ’08, she appeared in a flamboyant miniskirt and net tights at a screening of the movie “The Handsome Suit.
A glimpse of her armpits at a stage greeting for the movie “Magic Tree House.”‘ Jan. 12.
She is thrilled to see her beautiful legs in black tights. January ’12
She showed off her glamorous kimono at the completion report conference for the movie “After the Flowers” in October ’09.
In September ’12, she appears in Tokyo’s Azabu district wearing a scanty white shirt.
She appeared in a “one-person lunch” outfit during the filming of the drama “Themis Classroom – Legal Youth White Paper.
Lunching alone” during the filming of the drama “Themis’s Classroom”.
Shopping in Omotesando, Tokyo in June ’14.
Wearing a black one-piece for the movie “Paradise Kiss
In June ’21, carrying a big black bag in Asakusa, downtown Tokyo
At the launch of the movie “The Handsome Suit” in April ’08
At the launch of the movie “The Handsome Suit” in April ’08
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