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Keiko Kitagawa’s Remarkable Comeback Still Radiant After Childbirth

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Actress Keiko Kitagawa sprinting at full speed during the filming of the drama “Rikokatsu” after the birth of her first child (June 25, 2021 issue).

“I recently gave birth to my second child, a baby boy. Thanks to everyone’s support, both the mother and child are healthy.”

On January 31st, Keiko Kitagawa (37) announced through her official website that she had given birth to her second son. Her husband, DAIGO (45), also updated his blog.

“Both mother and baby are healthy, and we have a strong, gallant little boy. NPP! I have become a father of two. My wife did her best, and I am delighted that the baby was born healthy.”

He reported with his usual DAI language mixed in. 

“When she announced her second pregnancy on her official website on September 25 of last year, she stated, ‘I will do my best within the limits of consulting my health.’ However, on September 30, she held an event to present her fourth photo book, ’37 – 20th anniversary,’ showing her lively appearance to the fans,” said a sports newspaper reporter.

When it comes to Keiko Kitagawa, after giving birth to her first child, she attended the completion event of the film “Doctor Death’s Legacy -Black File-” in November 2020, which had been filmed before her maternity leave and less than two months after childbirth. Her swift return to the set astonished both colleagues and the press. What surprised everyone was her toned body, which didn’t seem like she had just given birth.

Furthermore, only seven months after that, she confidently took on the lead role in the consecutive drama “Rikokatsu” (TBS). “FRIDAY” magazine reported on her vigorous sprinting scenes during the filming of this drama. Even right after becoming a mother, I would like to showcase through images Kitagawa’s charm as an actress, fully dedicated and pouring her heart and soul into her roles. 

Running at full speed with her whole body toned

A beautiful woman with a small face running frantically with a large bag slung over her shoulder. In early June 2021, the filming of the drama Rikokatsu (TBS) was taking place near the Kaminarimon Gate in Asakusa (Taito Ward).

The one running is the heroine, Keiko Kitagawa. Portraying the role of a fashion magazine editor, she gracefully wears stylish attire consisting of a striped shirt and a long skirt in a subtle khaki color.

“Despite just giving birth to her first child in September 2020, Kitagawa has undergone training at a celebrity-favorite personal gym to make her comeback. While her husband DAIGO and Kitagawa’s parents are supporting childcare, it seems she still hasn’t been getting enough sleep, as she’s concerned about looking tired or how she appears on camera,” said a television network insider.

Indeed, between shots, Kitagawa showed a slightly fatigued expression. Given that she had to film multiple running scenes on this particular day, it seemed to take an extra toll on her.

Following the birth of her second child, Kitagawa continued after the opening remarks,

“I have become a mother of two children, and a new life has begun. We are taking tentative steps, but I hope to enjoy it and support each other as a family. Thank you for your continued support in the future.”

She reported with joy. Although no future plans have been announced at this time, Kitagawa, who has a strong sense of responsibility, may return to work without taking it easy and taking a break. Although we are eager to see Kitagawa’s increasing radiance, we would like her to take a leisurely rest for the sake of her children and herself for now.

Keiko Kitagawa looking a little tired from the drama location shoot (June 25, ’21 issue).
Keiko Kitagawa coming out of the building after filming (May 26, ’23 issue)
Keiko Kitagawa, looking dignified in glasses, filming for a drama in a downtown building (May 26, ’23 issue)
On location for “Goddess Classroom – Legal Youth White Paper” (Fuji Television) (December 23, 2022 issue)
On location for “Jogami no Kyoshitsu – Regal Seishun Hakusho” (Fuji Television Network). She also looks beautiful eating (December 23, 2010 issue).
Keiko Kitagawa is talking with a staff member at her office. Her work ethic has not changed even after becoming a mother (November 26, 2009 issue).
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