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Giant’s Hayato Sakamoto’s Stinginess and Abortion Scandal

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Yomiuri Giants’ Hayato Sakamoto is under fire for his abortion issue on a woman he was dating.

Fans are being turned off by the true nature of Yomiuri Giants superstar Hayato Sakamoto.

Although his nightlife has been reported for some time, he has been able to avoid serious damage due to the public’s opinion such as”of course he’s popular with the ladies”. However, this opinion doesn’t have an effect to his latest bombshell.

On September 10, Bunshun Online reported on the abortion trouble between Sakamoto and his former girlfriend, Ms. A, based on the testimony of a close friend of the woman. Sakamoto and Ms. A met at a drinking party and began a relationship.

Even after he later told her that he had found a girlfriend, Ms. A, who still had lingering feelings for him, went to see him whenever he called her. This escalated, and Sakamoto began to demand unprotected sexual intercourse and extreme play from Ms. A. Eventually, it was discovered that Ms. A was pregnant. When she told Sakamoto about this, he told her he wanted her to have an abortion, and she was so shocked that she attempted suicide.

The Yomiuri Giants told Bunshun that the two parties had already settled their differences. They also said that Ms. A contacted them several times after the settlement, and the lawyers discussed the matter again and agreed not to communicate directly with each other.

“The scandal is outrageous, but the wide TV shows and sports papers have completely ignored it. Rather than pressure from the Giants’ side, all the companies voluntarily restricted themselves during the season. If the Giants, the main league of the baseball world, were to report the story without their permission, it would make it difficult for them to cover the story. The current TV and sports newspapers don’t have the guts to pursue scandals even if it means making enemies with the Giants,” said a former reporter from a sports paper.

There are many voices on the Internet criticizing the media for their weak attitude.

As for Sakamoto, along with his philandering, his stinginess is also making a buzz.

His salary for this season is 600 million yen. However, in his private life, Sakamoto is not a go-getter.

“Basically, he is a ‘go-getter,'” says a source close to the baseball world.

This is also true for women. Sakamoto frequents a high-class restaurant in Minato Ward, Tokyo. Sakamoto often appears in a dashing manner accompanied by women, but his attitude there is also said to be irreverent.

The women are not always the same, but changes from time to time. The women are all model-level beauties, and the bill for the two of them would be enough to make change for 50,000 yen, but when Sakamoto pays the bill, he asks for a receipt from Hayato Sakamoto.

What is strange is that he hardly ever has a conversation with women when he eats with them. Sakamoto ate in silence while fiddling with his phone and was uninterested to what ever the woman is saying,” said a baseball insider who knows Sakamoto.

“A baseball official who knows Sakamoto said that Sakamoto gave the woman several tens of thousands of yen each time he met her as payment for the girl for going out with him.”

After a while, Sakamoto asked for a discount. The woman, disillusioned by his stinginess, stopped seeing him shortly after that. Since there are so many women like this, I am worried that the current scandal will lead to more accusations from different women.

On the other hand, other people who know him does not agree with these accusations.

Sakamoto often blurts out before games, “I hardly slept at all. It is often said that he has great talent, but that is not true.”

There is no one who practices as hard as he does. He is actually a very stoic baseball player, but he doesn’t show it. He is a man of hard work.

(Sports newspaper reporter) “An abortion scandal would have discouraged most players, but Sakamoto has put the bad publicity behind him, and has been working hard to make up for the bad publicity. It will be interesting to hear Sakamoto’s performance of the year after the season is over.

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