Mayuko Kawakita Eager to Return After Difficult Childbirth, Embraces Mom Role in Relaxed Fashion | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mayuko Kawakita Eager to Return After Difficult Childbirth, Embraces Mom Role in Relaxed Fashion

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Mayuko Kawakita Emerges from Radio Station in Relaxed Fashion

In mid-May, just after noon, Mayuko Kawakita (32) emerged from Nippon Broadcasting in Yurakucho after finishing a radio recording. Kaiboku hosts a show called “Mayuko Kawakita no Mayukore!” on the same station. 


“In 2021, Mayuko Kawakita gave birth to her first child with her businessman husband. Following that, she took maternity leave from her program’s MC role until October last year. She returned six months ago, but balancing work with childcare, she seems to be managing her workload more cautiously than before.” (TV magazine writer) 

On this day, Mayuko Kawakita appeared in a relaxed, loose-fitting blue dress that concealed her body lines, wearing a gentle smile as she boarded a waiting car. On May 19th, she guest-starred on her friend Sumire’s radio show, ‘KOSÉ FIND my BEAUTY POWERED BY @cosme TOKYO’ (TOKYO FM), who became a mom a year earlier than Mayuko. Reflecting on her childbirth experience:

“I had an emergency cesarean section due to threatened premature birth and breech presentation. I seem to have a fair amount of endurance; although I was admitted, I actually slept through the night when the contractions started. It was my first time, so I thought that’s about how painful it would be. The next day when the doctor examined me, they said, ‘You’re having contractions every three minutes,’ and I really panicked.”

Looking ahead, during her stint as the honorary chief of Shimura Police Station on April 6th:

“I want to gradually return to work, so please continue to support me.”

She addressed the press. While there are hopes for her return to ‘World’s End with You! I’ll Go’ (NTV), known as “Degawa Girls,” fans may have to wait a little longer.

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Beautiful skin and style as always.
It will be a while before she can fully return to work, balancing work and child rearing.
Mayuko Kawakita in a relationship with her husband, a businessman (May 1, ’20 issue)
Mayuko Kawakita boasts of her outstanding style (from @mayukokawakitaofficial)
Mayuko Kawakita boasts of her outstanding style (from @mayukokawakitaofficial)
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