The second largest mansion in the U.S….Super celebrities’ “newly built mansions” are open to the public! Everything is off the charts! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The second largest mansion in the U.S….Super celebrities’ “newly built mansions” are open to the public! Everything is off the charts!

Private beach, observation deck, library, movie theater, tennis court......

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The scale is beyond imagination! Let’s take a look at the latest “mansions” of foreign super celebrities.

Location: Montecito, Purchase price: 9.5 million dollars (about 1.4 billion yen)] Located only 2 km away from the mansion of Prince Henry and Princess Meghan, who have left the British Royal Family. In addition to the fireplace, spa, elevator, and gardens, there is also a guest house of approximately 75 m2. Beautiful ocean views are also visible.
Meg Ryan (61)

Private beach, observation deck, library, movie theater, spa …… It is only natural for them to have first-class amenities in their home. From a newly built mansion that the world-famous model even had to take out a mortgage on to an expensive property that incorporates Japanese architectural beauty, these celebrities’ spending spree knows no bounds.

In the past, many celebrities were willing to buy old houses simply because they were “the house where a legend of the entertainment world once lived. Now, however, more and more people are building their ideal homes. One such example is Miranda Kerr’s (40) newly built mansion, which cost $145 million (approximately 21 billion yen). She is popular as a top model and is said to be paying a $50 million (about 7.2 billion yen) loan over 30 years,” says Akika Haranishi, an international celebrity writer.

The trend of renovating vintage properties used to be the standard, but recently, simple and sophisticated designs are being seen all over the place.

Beyonce (41) purchased the property for $200 million, making it the most expensive property ever sold in California and the second most expensive property ever sold in the United States. The previous owner, an art collector, commissioned renowned architect Tadao Ando to design the building, which took 15 years to construct. It is a mansion that can truly be called the pinnacle of “modernist architecture,” emphasizing empty spaces and pursuing simple beauty.

The cost of this mansion is nothing less than the sky-high price tag.

The house was initially purchased by her husband Evan Spiegel (33) for $145 million (approx. 21 billion yen), but as revenues declined, she took out a $50 million (approx. 7.2 billion yen) loan, which she will pay over the next 30 years.
Miranda Kerr (40)
Location: Montecito; Purchase price: $14.2 million (about 2.1 billion yen)] The mansion has six bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a tiled pool, sports court, and fountain, and the mansion overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Neighbors include Ariana (30) and Gwyneth Paltrow (50)
Orlando Bloom (46)
Location: Hollywood Hills; Purchase price: $4.3 million] Sean purchased a love nest with his girlfriend Nina Dobrev. It has a balcony, patio, infinity pool, and boccia court. They have their own residence, but it looks like they’ve made progress toward marriage.
Shaun White (36)
Location: Hidden Valley, Purchase price: $10 million (approx. ¥1.5 billion)] A mansion purchased by Eric Marlon Bishop, aka Jamie Foxx, with various facilities including a 5-car garage, outdoor pool with cottage, observation deck, horse stables, and a small ATV track.
Jamie Foxx (55)
Location: Malibu, Purchase Price: $200 million (approx. 29 billion yen)] Located in the Paradise Cove neighborhood, a particularly expensive part of Malibu, which is known as a high-end residential area. The all-concrete structure boasts an area of approximately 2,800 square meters. The designer, Tadao Ando, incorporated modernist architecture into this one-of-a-kind luxury mansion.
Beyonce (41)
Location: Beverly Hills; Purchase price: $25.8 million (approx. 3.7 billion yen)] The previous owner, a Dubai-based real estate developer, added luxurious renovations. A castle-like mansion with a library, movie theater, outdoor tennis & soccer courts, and swimming pool.
Justin Bieber (29)
[Location: Beverly Hills; Purchase price: $13.8 million (about 2 billion yen)]. It is complete with a huge bronze statue of a bull, central garden, terrace, swimming pool, spa, outdoor fireplace, and bar counter. Paul McCartney (81) lives nearby.
Rihanna (35)

From the September 1, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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