Ai Kago’s surprisingly positive answer to a “sexy actress offer question” has caused concern about her “outburst” in the entertainment industry. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ai Kago’s surprisingly positive answer to a “sexy actress offer question” has caused concern about her “outburst” in the entertainment industry.

Ai Kago's "Sexy Actress Offer Question" and her surprisingly positive response to a question about a "sexy actress offer" has her worried about her "outburst". Kago Ai was removed from "Minimoni"...

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After being dismissed from his office for smoking twice, he resumed his entertainment activities in April 2008. She posed for this photo on her “triumphant return” to Japan after filming a movie in Hong Kong (June 2008).

Former “Morning Musume。 Ai Kago (35), a former member of Morning Musume, has caused a stir with her comments that she is open to making her debut as a sexy actress. Although she denies it, she was reported in the August 22 issue of the photo magazine “FLASH” for allegedly having a “black relationship,” and her name was even dropped from a special music program about the revival of “Mini Moni. Some are concerned about her “outburst” because her name was removed from the “Minimoni” revival project in a special music program.

Kago made the surprising comment on the network TV program “Hyena of Love” broadcast on November 14. During her talk with the comedy duo “New York” and “Saraba Seishun no Hikari,” she was asked if she would like to become a cabaret actress, to which she immediately replied, “Yes. It was all well and good until she said that she had no offers from cabarets, but then the conversation went “off the rails.

Kago said herself, “(There were) offers from adult films and the like, but I was told it was a movie, and when I got the script, I said, ‘I’ll do it. When I heard it was a movie and got the script, it was very naked. When the MCs asked her, “If you were offered a job as a sexy actress now, what would you do? Kago replied, “That’s a work in itself. If I’m going to do it, I’m going to be No. 1, like ……,” Kago replied with a biting tone.

After she had brought up the subject herself, she even said that if she were to do it, she would aim to be the top actress, so I got the impression that she would accept a job as a sexy actress depending on the conditions.

Of course, there is an aspect of “service talk. However, some people believe that the reason for her in-depth comments was because she is facing a “pinch” in her own entertainment career. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Kago was reportedly involved in a “black relationship” when she went on a trip to Korea with a female friend and spent time with men who were said to be gang leaders there, including taking pictures with them.

Kago immediately denied the report on YouTube, saying, “There were many things that were not true. She explained that she went on the trip alone with a friend and stressed that she had only been introduced to the alleged “gang leader” by a friend of her mother’s there and “I don’t even know his name. Even so, the entertainment industry in recent years has been very strict about compliance, especially with regard to involvement with “anti-corporate” groups. A report like this one could have a negative impact on their work.

Although the direct causal relationship between the news and the incident is unclear, a special TV TOKYO music program, “TV TOKYO 60 Festival! a special music program broadcast on November 15 by TV Tokyo, was a revival project of the idol unit “Minimoni,” which became popular in the ’00s. Kago’s name was not included in the revival project of “Minimoni,” an idol unit popular in the ’00s.

The project’s unit “Minimoni! Project’s unit “Minimoni. Project unit “Minimoni,” Mari Yaguchi, Nozomi Tsuji, and Ai Kago are especially indispensable members. TV TOKYO’s 60th Festival! There were many comments on social networking sites expressing disappointment and questioning Kago’s absence. TV stations are very sensitive about compliance these days, and it is possible that the Korea trip report had an impact.

(A wide-show entertainment desk). Kago became a top idol during the “Maudaughter” era, but she has often been reported to be in trouble. After graduating from the group in 2004, she was fired from her agency after being found smoking twice. In 2011, while dating a restaurant owner, she caused an emergency room incident by taking a large dose of tranquilizers, but she married the man that same year and gave birth to their first daughter in 2012. However, she divorced in 2003 and remarried a beauty company owner in 2004. In 2004, she remarried a beauty company owner and had her first son, but her contract was terminated by her agency in 2007.

On the other hand, she has been uploading provocative and revealing photos on Instagram, such as those of herself in a swimsuit that emphasizes her beautiful breasts and hips. The Korean trip report was a blow to her, as she had just recently begun to occasionally appear in terrestrial variety shows.

On November 20, NEWS POST SEVEN reported that Kago had not yet taken legal action in response to the reports, and we are concerned that her TV and other work may decrease again in the future. Perhaps she responded positively to the “sexy actress offer” question because of these difficult circumstances, but I am worried that she will become a “disturbance” again at any moment. (Entertainment reporter)

(Source: Entertainment reporter) “Yaguchi, who was with Kago at the time of “Minimoni. Yaguchi, who was with Kago in “Minimoni,” appeared on the November 6 broadcast of the variety show “Kyokorohi” (TV Asahi) and described Kago and Tsuji as “monsters. While Tsuji, who was such a monster, has become a mother of four children and continues her entertainment activities smoothly, one wonders when Kago will be able to appear normally on terrestrial television.

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In February ’06, Kago was suspended from work due to a smoking problem. She was under house arrest at her parents’ home in Nara for a while, but after that she was working at the office, answering phones and doing chores (February ’07).
In February 2007, Kago told this magazine, “I don’t know when I will be able to get back on my feet again, but I want to reflect more and more in my own way and do my best for that time. However, a month later, she was fired from her office for a second smoking incident.
After being fired from her office, Kago said she was so mentally trapped that she even cut her wrist. He still has a painful scar on his left wrist (June ’08).
He was filming an action movie called “Kung Fu Chef” in Hong Kong and posed like this (June ’08)
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