Flashy yacht harbors, helipads, libraries, ……The Inside Look at the “Everything Out of This World” Mansions of the World’s Richest Men and Women | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Flashy yacht harbors, helipads, libraries, ……The Inside Look at the “Everything Out of This World” Mansions of the World’s Richest Men and Women

From charismatic executives to top athletes

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Tennis courts, private beaches, and theaters are the norm. The mansions of the world’s top-class millionaires are incomparably luxurious and opulent. Akika Haranishi, an international celebrity writer, explains.

Neymar (31) purchased a mansion in Rio in 2004, which is equipped with a yacht harbor, helipad, and other comfortable facilities for gathering with family and friends. Also, “Reliance Industries,” India’s largest conglomerate, which operates in petrochemicals, infrastructure, biotechnology, and other businesses. Its chairman, Mukesh Ambani (66), has built a mansion that is typical of a charismatic businessman, employing some 600 servants in the mansion and including a temple and a library.”

Naomi Osaka (25)

Location: Tarzana, Purchase price: $6.3 million (about 900 million yen)] The mansion was purchased from American singer Nick Lachey at the young age of 24 at the time. It has a game room, media room, fitness room, etc., and is equipped with a tennis court.

Jeff Bezos (59), ranked third in the “Forbes” list of the world’s richest people for 2011, purchased two adjacent mansions in 2008 for a total of about $255 million (about ¥36 billion), setting a record for the “most expensive home transaction in California history. This broke the record for the “most expensive residential transaction in California history. While the purchase of mansions by millionaires is a frequent topic of conversation, there are also problems.

Bill Gates’ (67) mansion, which is not even old, is undergoing reconstruction, and neighbors have complained about the noise. Also, Larry Ellison (78) has purchased more than 10 mansions in the Carbon Beach area over the past 30 years, making it a very wealthy area that is not on the market” (Hara).

Just by looking at their homes, the personalities of the millionaires can really be seen – and the people who live in them are very different from the people who live in them.

Neymar (31)

Location: Rio (Brazil), Purchase price: $14 million (about 1.9 billion yen)] In addition to sports facilities, there is a yacht harbor, a helipad, a wine cellar that can store 3,000 bottles, a sauna, a massage room, and a billiard room.

LeBron James (38)

Location: Brentwood, Purchase price: $23 million (approx. 3.2 billion yen)] There is an elevator, home theater, wine cellar, sauna, eight bedrooms, and 11 bathrooms. He’s vacationing in a separate house that leads to his home base in Los Angeles.

Tiger Woods (47)

Location: Jupiter Island; Purchase Price: $40 million (about 5.6 billion yen)] The backyard has Woods’ own private driving range. Also tennis courts, multiple pools, oxygen therapy room, and fitness room.’ Reinforcement work was done when the land subsided in 13 years.

Bill Gates (67)
Co-founder of Microsoft

Location: Del Mar, Purchase Price: $43 million (approx. 6 billion yen)] The property was owned by the founder of BP Capital Management. Said to be “the highest price in Del Mar history” in ’20 when it was purchased, and is a landmark in the area* Currently under renovation.

Mukesh Ambani (66)
Indian businessman

Location: Mumbai, India; Purchase price: $1 billion (approx. 140 billion yen)] 27-story building, approximately 175 meters high, with a temple on the first floor, a library on the top floor, parking for six floors, and a helipad for three cars on the roof; 600 employees work there.

George Lucas (79)
Film director

Location: Bel Air; Purchase Price: $33.9 million ($4.7 billion)] This mansion is a famous vintage property built in 1929.’ Purchased in 2005, it boasts five bedrooms and eight bathrooms in addition to a theater room and library.

Larry Ellison (78)
Founder and Chairman of Oracle Corp.

Location: Malibu, Purchase Price: $36.9 million (approx. 5.1 billion yen)] Over the course of 30 years, he purchased a large number of mansions in the surrounding area. Originally an upscale residential area, some have lamented that the area is now only affordable to the super-rich at the Ellison level

Jeff Bezos (59)
Founder and Chairman, Amazon

Location: Beverly Hills; Purchase price: $165 million (about ¥23 billion)] Built by Jack Warner, co-founder of Warner Bros. It is said to be a grand mansion in the traditional Georgian style, called the “Warner Estate.

From the June 30, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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