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Explore Taylor Swift’s 3.6 Billion Yen Mansion and Other Luxury Homes of Global Superstars

The scale is different from Japan's. ...... American dream is so amazing!

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Ultra-luxurious housing facilities, tight security, and extraordinary luxury spaces – the homes of top celebrities with incomes that are off the charts. Among them, the “world diva” is world-class in her attention to detail.

Taylor Swift (34) [Location: Beverly Hills Purchase price: $25 million (approx. 3.6 billion yen)] Highly valuable property certified as a city historical landmark. Amenities include a pool house with kitchen, tennis courts, library, and projection room.
Taylor Swift (34)

Taylor Swift (34) lives in this historic home, originally built in 1934 by Samuel Goldwyn, a major film producer, and declared a City Historic Landmark in ’17. Anecdotally, big stars such as Marlene Dietrich and Chaplin have enjoyed partying there in the past. However, her boyfriend, football player Travis Kelcey (34), recently bought a mansion in Kansas City for about 900 million yen. ‘Maybe they’ll start living together there and get married? (Akika Haranishi, an international celebrity writer).

Travis Kelsey (34) [Location: Kansas City Purchase price: $6 million (about 900 million yen)] The house has a miniature golf course and a waterfall. Rumored to be soon to be living together with Taylor, who is in a relationship.

The high historical value of the structure gives it status. However, there are numerous legends about the security aspect, which is even more important.

The mansion where Leonardo DiCaprio, 49, lives is one of only five ultra high-security homes in the gated community along Malibu Beach. On the other hand, the house where Keanu Reeves (59) lives was broken into by a burglar gang in early December and his gun was stolen, and he had just been the victim of six break-ins by a stalker by the beginning of ’23. He is said to be a man of strict privacy, but security at home seems to be lax,” he said.

What they value most in life, their mansions tell the story.

Leonardo DiCaprio (49) [Location: Malibu Purchase price: $13.8 million (about 2 billion yen)] Located along Malibu Beach, popular among Hollywood celebrities. A high-security mansion with direct access to a private beach, where even paparazzi cannot enter.
Leonardo DiCaprio (49)
Keanu Reeves (59) [Location: Hollywood Hills Purchase price: 5.6 million dollars (about 800 million yen)] No matter how much money he makes, Keanu prefers a simple life. Due to his lax security, he has been the victim of break-ins by burglars and stalkers.
Keanu Reeves (59)
Lionel Messi (36): Luxury mansion in the oceanfront area near the stadium of his team “Inter Miami” [Location: South Florida Purchase price: $10.75 million (approx. ¥1.5 billion)] Conveniently located minutes from the “Inter Miami” stadium. Also owns three mansions in the suburbs of Miami.
Lionel Messi (36)
Dennis Rodman (62)A house in the nature of the greatest rebounder in NBA history [Location: Bloomfield Hills Purchase Price: $4 million (about $570 million)] The house has a large yard with a pool and spa. It has seven bathrooms and seven bedrooms each, and guests can stay overnight.
Dennis Rodman (62)
Kelly Clarkson (41) [Location: Toluca Lake Purchase price: $5.44 million (about $780 million)] Kelly, a singer, bought this house in 2009. She moved to this 87-year-old property after filing for divorce the previous year.
Kelly Clarkson (41)
Ivanka Trump (42) and Jeff Bezos live nearby! Real rich people’s “substandard residence” [Location: Indian Creek Island Purchase Price: $24 million (approx. 3.4 billion yen)] Complete with a private dock where boats and water bikes can be parked. The island’s other name is “Billionaire’s Retreat.
Ivanka Trump (42)
Lupita Nyongo (40) [Location: Topanga Canyon Purchase price: $4.5 million (about $640 million)] The actress appeared in “Black Panther” and other films. Self-sustainable and eco-friendly mansion with solar panels and filtration system.
Lupita Nyongo (40)

From the January 19, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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