Controversy Grows: Is Candle Jun a “Saint” or a “Schemer”…Ryoko Hirosue and Chef Toba have “something in common”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Controversy Grows: Is Candle Jun a “Saint” or a “Schemer”…Ryoko Hirosue and Chef Toba have “something in common”.

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Candle Jun, the husband of Ryoko Hirosue, held a press conference about her affair. ……

Whether one sees Candle Jun’s press conference as a reflection of her simple personality or the result of a schemer’s meticulous calculations will change one’s evaluation of the event 180 degrees.

This was tweeted by Mayu Yamaguchi, a lawyer and specially-appointed professor at Shinshu University. She continued

The way we evaluate others is a mirror of who we are. And it is at times like this that I realize I have a bad character.

And I realize that I have a bad character when I do this,” he said, smelling the latter.

The double affair between actress Ryoko Hirosue (42) and chef Shusaku Toba, owner of a Michelin-starred restaurant, is bogged down in controversy. The two initially denied the affair, which was reported by the Weekly Bunshun, but when their exchange diary was leaked, they turned around and admitted to the affair on their respective social networking sites and apologized. Their agency, Fram, imposed indefinite house arrest on Hirosue.

Then, on June 18, her husband Candle Jun (49) held an emergency press conference in Tokyo. The press conference, which was held guerrilla-style without informing Hirosue or Frahm, became an unprecedented press conference in which the inside story of the Hirosue family was laid bare.

According to Mr. Jun, when Hirosue’s emotional pressure exceeds the limit, she becomes more open, relying on others and going out in flashy clothes. He also confessed that he had repeatedly cheated on his wife in the past, and not only with Mr. Toba.

He also revealed that in those cases, Mr. Jun had moved in secret and talked with the other man. Mr. Jun interpreted Hirosue’s behavior as an “SOS of the heart. He asked the media not to cover the case excessively so that his wife could find peace of mind.

One of the reporters who covered the event said

One of the reporters who covered the event said, “Mr. Jun seemed to be in a desperate situation, as he sometimes showed tears. He also revealed that Mr. Hirosue has asked him for a divorce.

He also said that Ms. Hirosue had asked him for a divorce.

After the press conference, Mr. Jun was flooded with encouragement and sympathy. Some have even called him a saint.

However, as Mr. Yamaguchi said at the beginning of this article, there are many people who feel uncomfortable.

On the Internet message boards, some people have commented on the fact that she proudly goes out in flashy clothes, saying

“Isn’t she just punishing her husband? If she is no longer interested in her husband and has already made up her mind to divorce him, she may wear flashy clothes on purpose.

Some people pointed out that it was not a mental problem, such as, “She is not interested in her husband anymore.

Some have even taken a hard look at Mr. Jun and Mr. Toba, saying that they are “in the same boat.

Hirosue and Jun remarried in October 2010. Mr. Jun said of his relationship with Hirosue

When I met my wife, she was very unstable at that time, and she was 180 degrees different from the good wife and mother she had been after we got married,” he said.

He goes on to say

“Since we met, she has contacted me every night and sent me letters …….”

He stated.

He said that he had a head-on collision with his stepson, his eldest son, and finally decided that he “had to face [his eldest son]” and decided to marry Hirosue.

The current Mr. Toba and Hirosue have a similar history.

Hirose, who was infatuated with Mr. Toba, contacted him at every opportunity and sent him handwritten love letters. Mr. Toba, who had a wife and child, became serious about her, saying that he was the only one who could protect her.

Of course, there is a big difference between adultery and not adultery, but I think Mr. Jun is looking at this with a sense of deja vu. That is why I think he cannot forgive Mr. Toba for “taking” him.

In the Weekly Bunshun, published on the 22nd, Hirosue directly called a reporter to explain the series of disturbances. In the article, she said

I am sure that I was in the wrong order this time, and that I have caused trouble for many people.”

He said such things as. The “wrong order” could be read to mean that she should have divorced Jun first in order to get to know Toba better.

According to the sources, Hirosue and Mr. Toba are still in contact with each other.

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