Eri Fukatsu and her stylist, who she has been dating for 15 years, on a date under the same umbrella | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Eri Fukatsu and her stylist, who she has been dating for 15 years, on a date under the same umbrella

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Mr. Shirayama and Fukatsu walking down the street at night under a shared umbrella in July 2006.

Since her debut in the movie “1999 Summer Vacation” released in March 1988, Eri Fukatsu (48) has had a career of more than 30 years as an actress. A report of her “15-year love affair” has surfaced.

The report is from “Josei Jishin” (January 18-25 combined issue). Her partner is the famous stylist, Haruhisa Shirayama (52). According to the magazine, Mr. Shirayama is in charge of Fukatsu’s styling when he appears in the media.

Fukatsu plays the main character, Rui Kijima, in the second chapter of NHK’s morning TV series, “Come Come Everyday” (Osaka version). Fukatsu has been cast as Rui since she was 18 years old, and it seems that she has a lot of difficulties in casting a character with a 30-year age difference. Ms. Fukatsu rents an apartment in Osaka and commutes to the filming studio.

She rents an apartment in Osaka and goes to the filming studio. In “Come Come Everyday,” Mr. Shirayama’s name appears as Mr. Fukatsu’s personal stylist. It is also said that Mr. Shirayama accompanies Fukatsu on his photo shoots.

Fukatsu and Mr. Shirayama’s passionate love affair was also caught by this magazine in the past. This magazine had caught Fukatsu and Mr. Shirayama’s love affair in the past. It was in July 2006 when we saw the two of them walking together at night under the same umbrella. As reported by Josei Jishin, this was about 15 years ago. I’ve seen a lot of celebrities under the same umbrella, but it’s rare to see such a picture-perfect pair…!

Fukatsu-san seems to feel more at ease when Shirayama-san is nearby. It’s been 11 years since she starred in “Suteki na Kakushiki – Perfectly Perfect Concierge” (Fuji TV). Mr. Shirayama is said to be advising Ms. Fukatsu on how to coordinate her daily clothes.

Fifteen years of love nurtured by a seasoned actress. We can’t take our eyes off not only the drama but also their relationship.

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