The “Erotic Tower” in Akihabara has become a “very popular spot” among foreign tourists! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Erotic Tower” in Akihabara has become a “very popular spot” among foreign tourists!

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Exterior view of the commonly known “Ero Tower” appearing in this article

A rather unusual building located a minute’s walk from the south exit of JR Akihabara Station’s Electric Town is now a popular spot for foreign tourists. The name of that building is “m’s Akihabara Store” (hereinafter referred to as “m’s”). It is one of the largest adult goods specialty stores in Japan and is commonly known as “Ero Tower” among tourists.

Visitors entering the store will be surprised to find that the entire floor, from the first basement to the sixth floor, is devoted to adult goods such as cosplay costumes, lingerie, and adult toys.

Most of the customers entering the building were foreign tourists who were surprised to see the merchandise on display and posters of sexy actresses and adult VTubers posted everywhere.

Although an LCD panel and a signboard showing their faces were placed next to the entrance, many tourists seemed embarrassed to put their faces in the panels and take pictures, as expected, and many of them only took pictures of the panels.

Once inside the store, parody adult goods were placed in front of the store, and a special corner with many TENGA products was set up right next to it.

Movement within the building can be done by stairs and elevators. The elevator is covered with shunga (spring paintings) in all directions, and the stairs are decorated with posters of sexy actresses and other celebrities, as well as product signboards, creating an adult atmosphere.

The store also regularly holds events such as handshakes and photo shoots with famous sexy actresses, and some fans come from overseas to attend these events.

But why would tourists from overseas come all the way to Japan to visit a building that sells adult goods? An American man in his late twenties who interviewed us in front of the store told us the story, laughing the whole time.

He was laughing the whole time he was talking to us. It’s crazy and awesome. It is strange and interesting that there is a building like this in the city, in the center of a big city. What’s more, it’s amazing that no one in Japan cares about it.

In the U.S., it seems that it is rare to find such an adult goods specialty store in the middle of a city, and they are basically located on the outskirts of town or on streets where people don’t pass by.

In the U.S., there are considerable differences from state to state, but the man who gave us this interview also told us that in his hometown, adult goods can only be purchased by mail order or at special stores such as SM specialty stores.

What about other tourists? When I approached him in front of the store, a French man agreed to be interviewed. He himself was not planning to buy anything in particular, but was visiting M’s as a tourist like the aforementioned man.

I know TENGA, but it wasn’t until I came to Japan that I recognized it as a Japanese company. Is it famous in France? I think it has a high level of recognition. It’s very interesting that they have so many of these on display.”

TENGA is an adult product that is well known even overseas, and this man seemed surprised that Don Quijote had an adult goods section in addition to M’s. “In Japan, TENGA is not considered an adult product,” he said.

I was surprised to see TENGA in the adult goods section of Don Quijote in addition to M’s. “In Japan, adult goods and regular goods are sold on the same floor, and I felt that people are very tolerant about sex. I think I will buy some as souvenirs.”

It must be a strange sight for people from overseas to see so many adult products being sold in the middle of the street without any hesitation. Why don’t you visit M’s to see the strange situation in which a building selling adult goods stands proudly in the middle of the city, even though convenience stores no longer carry 18-restricted books?

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