Ryoko Hirosue’s Husband Candle Jun’s “Guerrilla Press Conference” Dealt a Serious Blow to Her Agency | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Hirosue’s Husband Candle Jun’s “Guerrilla Press Conference” Dealt a Serious Blow to Her Agency

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Ryoko Hirosue’s “Adultery Riot” Still Widening as Husband Candle Jun Holds Press Conference

On June 18, artist Candle Jun, husband of Ryoko Hirosue, the actress in the middle of the double adultery scandal, held an emergency press conference in Tokyo. No release was sent to the media in advance, but information that “he was going to hold a press conference” was reported in the morning of the day, and the media rushed to the venue.

The reception was limited to 20 minutes. There was no moderator at the press conference, and it was a one-on-one meeting with the press. At this point, the press conference was not well thought out, and it appeared to be urgent.

The content of the press conference was that the Hirosue family was “on the verge of collapse,” as has been repeatedly reported on wide-ranging TV programs.

The main culprit was her affair with Shusaku Toba, the chef and owner of a Michelin star restaurant, but even before that, Hirosue’s mental health was unstable, and when she reached her limits, her personality, lifestyle, and even her clothes would completely change. Mr. Jun revealed that in the past, his wife had had “unusual relationships” with men other than Mr. Toba, and that each time she had discussed the issue with the men.

He interpreted his wife’s behavior as an “SOS of the heart. Through the media, he said

She is a good wife and the best mother to my children.

He said, “I am a good wife and the best mother for my children.

This press conference led the public to criticize Mr. Toba, who has yet to apologize directly to Mr. Jun.

Another area of questioning is the response of Hirosue’s agency, “Fram.

Neither Hirosue nor her agency had been notified in advance of Jung’s press conference. A reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports newspaper commented on this

If they had known at an early stage that Joon was going to hold a press conference, the agency would have done everything in its power to stop him. On the contrary, I think it was a “guerrilla press conference” to prevent him from doing so.

Mr. Jung also revealed that after his remarriage to Ms. Hirosue, his office had asked him not to talk about her private matters, and I got the impression that they distrusted him in the area of her mental health care.

He also pointed out that “the office was keeping Mr. Jung away from her.

It is a well-known story that the office kept Mr. Jun away from her, and comedian Akashiya Sanma also said in the Nippon Broadcasting System’s “Akashiya Sanma, All Nippon Please! Request,” in which he said that when he and Hirosue performed together, his office told him that “Candle Jun’s name was not mentioned.

Akashiya-sanma said that when he and Hirosue performed together, he was asked by his agency not to mention Candle Jun’s name.

In a sense, Mr. Jun’s meeting with Hirosue was a “request” from his agency.

In a sense, Jun’s press conference seemed to be a venting of what he had bottled up in his gut toward Toba, his partner in adultery, as well as toward Frahm.

From Frahm’s point of view, it is a terrible thing. He had raised her with the utmost care and attention, but now that Mr. Jun has revealed his true face, his image has changed drastically.

It is a big negative to give the impression that behind the healthy smile, there is ‘actually such a hardship ……. I think this will have an impact in many areas, including TV commercials, movies, and dramas. It would not be surprising if they become ‘a little difficult to use’ when casting.

(A source in the entertainment industry) That said, even if Frahm were to seek compensation, the other party is Hirosue’s husband, so he would have to pay. Rather, the Internet is saying

What has the office been doing until now?

(A person involved in the entertainment business mentioned above. A person involved in the entertainment business mentioned above said, “Ms. Hirosue has been indefinitely suspended from her office.

The office has imposed indefinite house arrest on Ms. Hirosue, but this is effectively the same as taking a leave of absence. She should rest both mentally and physically for now. I don’t think anyone will blame her if she retires.

I don’t think anyone will blame me if I just retire,” he said.

In the end, no one could be happy about the affair. Where will “Mr. and Mrs. Hirosue” go from here?

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