Ryoko Hirosue’s restaurant “sio” and her husband Candle Jun’s restaurant are “just a minute’s walk” from each other. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Hirosue’s restaurant “sio” and her husband Candle Jun’s restaurant are “just a minute’s walk” from each other.

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Ryoko Hirosue is seen in this “mama-chari” in the neighborhood. ……

On June 7, Shusaku Toba, owner and chef of the Michelin-starred French restaurant “sio,” and Ryoko Hirosue were reported by the Weekly Bunshun as having an alleged “double affair.

According to the article, their friendship has deepened since late March, and on the evening of March 3, Hirosue checked into a luxury hotel with a “light suitcase” in tow, even though she was in Tokyo. Mr. Toba entered the same hotel about five hours later, and at 3:00 a.m., about five hours later, Hirosue checked out of the hotel.

It is unclear why Hirosue, the mother of three children, would need to stay at a hotel in Tokyo, but she responded to Bunshun’s direct questioning, “Oh, no!

She said, “Oh, no, I don’t! Absolutely not!”

I am not a politician, I am not a public figure! He was apparently “outraged” and responded, “I’m not a politician, I’m not a public figure! While it is fine to assert one’s privacy, celebrities are not so straightforward.

In the past, Ms. Hirosue had been the subject of numerous scandals and had an image of a mischievous young woman, but now she had an image of a mature woman and a “good mother. She even won the “Best Mother Award” last May.

Her agency later released a comment on its official website. While stating that they leave her private life to her own discretion, they also said, “We strictly ask her to behave responsibly.

“We have given her a strict warning to behave responsibly.

The company also stated, “Unlike Hirosue, our office is not in the business of adultery. Unlike Hirosue, the office did not deny the affair or that they went to a hotel.

However, this is said to have caused the reports to heat up.

If it had been just the Bunshun report, the major media, including TV and sports papers, would not have picked it up. However, the fact that the office publicly commented on the matter changed the perception that it was “OK” to handle. Even so, the sports paper’s print was very small, and even on TV, the discovery was made to the extent that the office’s comments were only lightly introduced.

On the other hand, Candle Jun, the husband of Hirosue, has been a bit more cautious since the news broke.

“Light a fire in everyone’s heart.

on Instagram after the news broke. Toba, on the other hand, has blocked the comment section of his social networking site. Is he trying to escape the flames?

Ironically, the two were neighbors.

Candle Jun’s restaurant and Toba’s restaurant “sio” are both located in Yoyogi Uehara, and if you look at a map, they are only a minute’s walk away from each other. It would not be surprising if they saw each other on a regular basis if they were not so close to each other.

Ms. Hirosue went to her husband’s “neighbor’s” hotel, which is in close proximity to her husband’s restaurant. I am sure Mr. Candle must have mixed feelings because his wife’s alleged lover is operating just a stone’s throw away.

(Sports paper reporter) Incidentally, Hiroaki Ogi of the comedy duo “Ogi Yahagi,” who lives in Yoyogi Uehara, also commented on the late-night broadcast of TBS radio’s “Ogi Yahagi no Megane Biiki” on August 8

The distance between sio’s store and my husband’s store is almost the same street, about 100 meters.

The distance between them is about 100 meters,” she said, worried about their “neighborhood.

The commercial video in which she appeared has been deleted, and the affair is likely to continue to have repercussions.

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