Why Chef Shusaku Toba, who had a “double affair” with Ryoko Hirosue, is not “no longer needed” even though he has been dismissed from “sio” restaurant. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why Chef Shusaku Toba, who had a “double affair” with Ryoko Hirosue, is not “no longer needed” even though he has been dismissed from “sio” restaurant.

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Ryoko Hirosue’s divorce from chef Shusaku Toba for her “W affair” has been finalized. ……

Chef Shusaku Toba, who was reportedly involved in a double affair with actress Ryoko Hirosue, has been dismissed from his restaurant group company and given a pay cut.

Toba was the president of sio, a restaurant management company in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, and Sizzle, a restaurant-related marketing company, but both resigned in June when he admitted his affair with Hirosue.

The video, with no background music and a black background with white text, was like a “wake” for Toba.

After apologizing for Mr. Toba’s misconduct

Toba apologized for his misconduct and said, “Normally, Toba himself should apologize to everyone, but he is not in a position to make such an announcement in public.

Toba’s name will be removed and his name will remain “Toba” for the rest of his life. From now on, Toba’s title will be removed and the name will be changed to “Shizuru Channel.

It is not an ordinary thing to have one’s name removed from one’s own restaurant group. Moreover, it is not a resignation, but a dismissal. A person involved in the industry commented on the situation.

The sio group had been aiming to expand overseas from the very beginning of its business, taking advantage of the Japanese food boom. Naturally, their clients are foreign companies. Mr. Toba’s affair scandal was nothing but negative, and I think the company needed to take a firm stand.

He pointed out, “I think the company needed to take a firm stand.

In an interview with Shukan Bunshun, Toba revealed that he had lost 90% of his 40 clients and that he had lost hundreds of millions of dollars because of the cancellation of a huge project. Toba has returned to being a “chef,” both in name and in reality, and will continue his activities without publicity for the time being.

He is now devoting himself to his new restaurant, “nagano,” a traditional Japanese house in Nagano Prefecture. He was caught by some media outlets there and hurled abusive language at Ms. Hirosue’s ex-husband, Candle Jun.

Regardless of her true feelings, she has no choice but to show remorse, so from now on she will be a “shellfish” in front of the media,” said a source from a TV station.

What about her relationship with Hirosue?

There have been reports that her distance from Mr. Toba has become strained after her divorce from her ex-husband, Candle Jun. According to a source who knows Mr. Toba, “They are still in touch.

‘It seems they are still in contact with each other. Mr. Hirosue’s divorce has been finalized, but Mr. Toba’s has not yet.

But it seems that the direction of the divorce has not changed. It is not Ms. Hirosue who has the ball now, but Mr. Toba.

Even for Hirosue, she says that she cannot leave Mr. Toba at this point. Since the affair was reported, she has not been able to “get along” with her agency, Fram.

He called the Weekly Bunshun reporter directly and expressed his dissatisfaction with the office president’s handling of the situation, which was the decisive factor. If he had done that without permission, the office would have been embarrassed.

However, Mr. Hirosue is also very strong and will not apologize easily. There were times when Mr. Toba would come between us and Fram,” said a source in the entertainment industry.

When Bunshun was publishing article after article about Hirosue, Mr. Toba, who had grown impatient with the situation, asked Frahm’s side, “You should take action.

He said, “You should take action.

“We should communicate with the Bunshun side.

However, the Fram side was not willing to accept the fact that Arashi had gone too far. However, Fram was reluctant to put out the fire, as if they were waiting for the storm to pass.

Mr. Hirosue’s distrust is growing. She has never been the type to stick to the entertainment business, so she may hint at ‘retiring. If that happens, the only people she can rely on are her mother and Mr. Toba.

The series of disturbances has caused Hirosue to lose her job and the trust of her agency, Candle Jun to be separated from his children, and Mr. Toba to suffer huge losses in his business. So far, no one seems to be happy. ……

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