Natsuyasu Adachi, the Yomiuri TV announcer who made love to Daigo Nishihata, a Naniwa boy, was put on “high alert” by Yomiuri TV. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Natsuyasu Adachi, the Yomiuri TV announcer who made love to Daigo Nishihata, a Naniwa boy, was put on “high alert” by Yomiuri TV.

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Naniwa Danshi” became the main personality of “24 Hour TV. Daigo Nishihata (second right), who was found to be in love with a female Nippon TV announcer, is …… (from the program’s official website).

On August 9, Bunshun Online reported on a “no-mark couple,” and the Internet is abuzz.

Daigo Nishihata is the “absolute center” of “Naniwa Danshi,” Johnny’s’s’s most popular “Naniwa Danshi. The “partner” he is so eager to meet that he even “cross-dresses” is Natsuyasu Adachi, a second-year Yomiuri TV announcer.

On July 30, the last day of Naniwa Otoko’s concert tour in Osaka at Osaka Castle Hall. After the show, Nishihata went straight to Adachi’s luxury townhouse in the same city, dressed as a woman in a blonde wig, and reportedly spent the night together.

Fans of Naniwa Boys and Nishibata must have been extremely shocked, but Adachi’s side of Yomiuri TV was also said to have experienced a tremor.

Adachi is a young lady who has experience studying abroad, and is a very determined person, which is hard to believe for someone in her second year. She handles everything without hesitation, and as a big newcomer, she has appeared as a live newscaster on evening programs and on the national network’s “Wake Up! as a live anchor.

However, I had no idea that she was dating Nishibata, the center of Johnny’s most popular group. Almost no one seems to know about it, not even my closest classmates. It is overwhelmingly people within the company that announcers date and marry. …… After Bunshun went to Yomiuri TV to confirm the facts before publication, executives and the news bureau began to buzz,” said a TV station official who knows Adachi.

Osaka-jo Hall, where Naniwa Boys started their concert, is right in front of Yomiuri TV. The windows in the company overlook Osaka Castle and, naturally, the adjacent Osaka-jo Hall. As the concert approached, I wondered how Adachi was feeling inside the company.

On the day of the news report, he was reading the news on the evening program without a care in the world. I don’t know how he felt inside, but I felt that he had a lot of guts.

It is understandable that Mr. Nishihata would be spoiled. However, Adachi is scheduled to appear on “24 Hour TV,” and the main personality in Tokyo is Naniwa Danshi, so a “near miss broadcast” could happen on the same program.

(A source at the same TV station said, “There could be a ‘near miss broadcast’ on the same program with Tokyo’s main personality, Naniwa Danshi. After the report in Bunshun, she was ordered by her company to be on “high alert” and not to go outside at all.

When she goes to work, she has a cab pick her up in front of her house and goes directly to work through the company’s back door. There is a suspicious car parked in front of the company, and it seems that weekly magazines are after him, but it would be difficult to capture him on film.

The “Wake Up! is also gone for the time being because of the possibility of coming into contact with the public. This is an unusual situation for a rookie announcer,” said a TV station official.

(A source at the same TV station said, “This is an unusual move for a rookie announcer.”) Because the Naniwa boys have been so carefully selected by the president that they are known as “Julie’s property,” the TV station is forced to take a cautious approach. On the other hand, a mystery remains at …….

Adachi has only been with the station for two years. In other words, it has only been about a year and a half since she joined the company. How can she live in a tower apartment in a prime location in Osaka? There have been some questioning within the station. Yomiuri TV has one of the highest salaries among all key stations, but the salary for a second-year employee is 6-7 million yen at most.

In terms of take-home pay, you cannot live that extravagantly. Was the townhouse purchased with a loan, or is the apartment in the name of a relative because the parents are rich, etc.? Or is Ms. Nishihata, with whom he has been in a relationship since before he joined the company, supporting him?

Naniwa Danshi” are now entering the most important period of their careers as idols. What will happen to their love in the future?

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