Naniwa Danshi’s fans are falling away from the group due to a series of scandals… …Even in their main job of singing, their reputation has dropped due to the “lip-syncing” scandal. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Naniwa Danshi’s fans are falling away from the group due to a series of scandals… …Even in their main job of singing, their reputation has dropped due to the “lip-syncing” scandal.

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Michieda, center of Naniwa Danshi [from official Instagram].

Naniwa Danshi is a seven-member group from Kansai Junior. They recently released their sixth new single, “I Wish,” but sales are said to be down from the previous single. Speaking of Naniwa Danshi members, they have been hit by a series of female scandals this year, which seems to have accelerated their fan separation.

According to the Oricon Weekly Single Ranking released on November 21, the single “I Wish” sold 370,000 copies in its first week.

However, “Make Up Day / Missing,” released in September of this year, recorded 394,000 copies in its first week. Although the difference appears to be only 24,000 copies, the single “Special Kiss,” released in March, sold 516,000 copies in its first week, making it a half-million seller (over 500,000).

To begin with, “My Second Aoharu,” also starring Michie, has never had high viewership ratings. The lead actress is Alice Hirose, but Michie plays the important role of her partner. The average household rating for the drama started at a single-digit figure of 5.7% (Video Research, Kanto region) for the first episode. Since the ratings have remained between 4-5% since then, the PR effect of the theme song “I Wish” from the drama was not so great,” said an entertainment writer.

In early August, the magazine scooped Daigo Nishihata and Yomiuri TV announcer Natsuyasu Adachi about their “love affair” during a sleepover. In September, the magazine reported on a love triangle involving Kento Nagao, former sexy actress Yua Mikami, and Kis-My-Ft2’s Kennaga Senga.

As if to follow up, Bunshun reported a serious relationship between Kyohei Takahashi and Hikari Kuroki, a celebrity, in November. Takahashi is said to be the “visual person” of Naniwa Boys and is a popular member along with Michieda, the center of the group, so fans were shocked. In the midst of preparing for his major role as the main personality of the charity special program “24 Hour TV 46” (NTV, broadcast on August 26-27), when Nishihata was photographed in the “Bunshun” article, fans were indignant, saying that it was unprofessional. Many of them were disappointed when Nishihata’s article seemed to have put them on alert, but the two were also hit by the “Bunshun gun” one after the other.

(Entertainment writer mentioned above) Furthermore, the former Johnny’s’s office (now SMILE-UP.), to which they belong, is facing a critical moment due to the sexual assault issue of its founder, the late Mr. Johnny Kitagawa. This is not the time for young Naniwa Otoko, who celebrated the second anniversary of their CD debut this year, to be distracted.

Furthermore, Naniwa Otoko have just received a scathing evaluation from netizens for their main business as well.

They appeared on the November 16 broadcast of “Best Hit Utaoyo Matsuri 2023” (Nippon TV). In addition to performing as a group, they also collaborated with “near-synchronized” boy groups INI and BE:FIRST. In the midst of all this, suspicions surfaced that Naniwa Otoko might not have sung live. The viewers were concerned that they were making too much of facial expressions. The viewers asked questions such as, “They are making too many facial expressions and neglecting their lip-synching,” “It’s a pity that they are lip-synching in the collaboration corner,” and “Aren’t you embarrassed that Naniwa Otoko is the only group lip-synching? The dance was clearly inferior to the other groups.” “Because Naniwa Otoko are lip-synching, they stand out among the better groups,” said an entertainment writer.

(aforementioned entertainment writer) “In their private lives, the laxity of some members has been exposed, and even in their work, Naniwa Danshi’s reputation is in decline. Now that they have entered the third year since their debut, it may be time for them to tighten their belts.

Michieda is popular as a legitimately good-looking man [from official Instagram].
He also appeared on the cover of a Chinese magazine [from official Instagram].

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