Rika Adachi announces her marriage! The brilliant career of her partner, a descendant of Kinjiro Ninomiya. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Rika Adachi announces her marriage! The brilliant career of her partner, a descendant of Kinjiro Ninomiya.

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The couple shows off their happiness by using sign language meaning “married couple.

On June 26, celebrity and actress Rika Adachi (30) held a marriage press conference in Tokyo. Her partner is TATSU (age undisclosed) of the vocal and sign language performer unit “HANDSIGN. At the beginning of the press conference, the couple greeted each other with sign language, saying, “Thank you for gathering here today. Adachi then spoke of her realization: “After submitting the marriage certificate, I changed my last name for the first time, and I realized that I was married. A source revealed how the two met.

Adachi participated in the shooting of a music video for the song “Boku ga Kimi no Mi ni Naru” (I Will Be Your Ear) by HANDSIGN in January 2005. They did not see each other for four years after that, but met again for work in ’21. Last August, Adachi performed at a festival organized by “HANDSIGN” and they started going out to eat together.

The two submitted their marriage certificate to the ward office in Tokyo on March 26 and are already living together. They usually call each other “TATSU-san” and “Rika-chan,” and TATSU teases, “Sometimes I call her Princess Peach.

Adachi’s husband, TATSU of HANDSIGN, is a descendant of Kinjiro Ninomiya and also serves as a tourism goodwill ambassador for the town of Ninomiya in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Adachi said, “I had no idea that he was a descendant of Kinjiro Ninomiya. What should I do? I ‘m not sure if its right for my blood to be in the family, but I’ll do my best to fit in. she asked her husband.

Descendant of Kinjiro Ninomiya, who carries his wife on his back instead of firewood

The press conference proceeded with a slightly nervous TATSU leading Adachi, who was smiling throughout. When a reporter asked, “Is Adachi’s ass on the line?” TATSU replied, ” Her charm point is her butt, so I wouldn’t mind being laid on her butt,” to which the audience burst into laughter.

Adachi revealed that fortune teller Getters Iida had predicted her marriage at an event held last October to commemorate the release of her photo book, and she had said, “I have no plans to get married at this time. About nine months later, she suddenly held a marriage press conference. We hope that the husband will enjoy a happy married life with his wife’s “beautiful buttocks.

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