Johnny’s’s” office’s “laxity of management system” was revealed in the “female-announcer sleepover” and the “transvestite secret meeting” of Daigo Nishihata, a Naniwa boy. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s’s” office’s “laxity of management system” was revealed in the “female-announcer sleepover” and the “transvestite secret meeting” of Daigo Nishihata, a Naniwa boy.

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A scandal between Daigo Nishihata of the popular group “Naniwa Danshi” and a female announcer was revealed. However, the timing of the report was ……

While the sexual assault scandal involving Johnny’s’s founder, Mr. Kitagawa, has caused a tremor, a “love scandal” has broken out involving Daigo Nishihata of the “Naniwa Danshi” group, who is currently enjoying his big break.

According to the August 9 issue of Bunshun Online, Nishihata went straight to Adachi’s luxury tower apartment in the city after the final show of the Naniwa Boys’ concert tour in Osaka on July 30 at Osaka Castle Hall. They spent the night together.

To camouflage her appearance, Nishihata was “dressed as a woman” with a wig. Johnny’s admitted to the secret meeting and explained that “there were several people” in the room.

The “Naniwa Boys” are a group favored by the president of the Johnny’s office, Keiko Fujishima Julie. Since Hideaki Takizawa left the office last fall, Julie has been putting more effort into promoting Naniwa Otoko,” a sports newspaper reporter said.

Nishihata played a double starring role with “Six TONES” member Hokuto Matsumura in TV Asahi’s “Knockin’ on Locked Doors” in the July season. Adachi, on the other hand, joined Yomiuri Telecasting last year and currently appears as an anchor on the Nippon TV news program “Wake Up” produced by the station.

She is the first female announcer Yomiuri TV has hired in three years. Her English is at a native level, and she was expected to eventually become the station’s signature anchor (……).

The station was in an uproar over the latest reports of a passionate love affair. The station’s staff was in an uproar over the news of their love affair, although they were probably scolded for the fact that they were dating a member of Johnny’s, the current signature group.

However, some people at the TV station are now re-evaluating Adachi because of his unexpected “big catch.

(A TV station insider).

The timing was bad for the Naniwa boys, as “24-Hour TV” (Nippon Television Network Corporation), in which they are the main personalities, will be broadcast on August 26-27. The revelation of the scandal just prior to the broadcast of “24-Hour TV” (Nippon Television Network Corporation), in which Takizawa will be the main personality, reveals some frayed edges in the “management system” at Johnny’s. Until now, Takizawa had been a member of the windmill committee.

Until now, Mr. Takizawa has been a member of the public morals committee and has “educated” Johnny’s Jr. and others, but he is no longer in charge. President Julie was not the type to manage as rigidly as Mr. Takizawa. In addition, the scandals involving the company’s founder, Mr. Janney, have made it difficult for him to manage the company.

In addition, he was not in a position to do so because of the scandal involving the company’s founder, Mr. Janney. Was the office lax, or was Nishihata herself taking it easy? …… If Takizawa had been there, this might not have happened.

Johnny’s is planning to hold press conferences at the end of August and early next month regarding the sexual assault issue. This is also a response in consideration of “24 Hour TV,” and some are booing, “Too late! Some booed the press conference, saying that it was too late.

The mood at the Johnny’s office has been tense from start to finish since the sexual assault scandal. I thought the staff and talents at the office were feeling the tension. ……

When I see Nishihata’s “laxity,” it may be that the younger generation does not understand the situation that Johnny’s is in.

On the other hand, some believe that Janney’s problems are so serious that Nishihata’s “secret meeting with a transvestite” was a good way to vent. Both Nishihata and Adachi are single, and in the eyes of the general public, there is no blame to be placed on them.

On the Internet, the following comments were made

Compared to Ms. Janney, she’s cute.

I’m rooting for them.

I’m supporting him.

The response to the issue of Mr. Janney’s sexual assault was also positive. Perhaps Janney’s sexual assault problem has become so “levity” that other stories are not getting as much response as they used to.

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