Ryoko Hirosue’s husband Candle Jun’s press conference “backfires,” but Holliemon, Akira Kuramoto, and others defend her at once for leaked love letters. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Hirosue’s husband Candle Jun’s press conference “backfires,” but Holliemon, Akira Kuramoto, and others defend her at once for leaked love letters.

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Ryoko Hirosue’s secret “love letter” has been leaked. However, the industry is not happy about it. ……

Ryoko Hirosue (42) has admitted her affair with Shusaku Toba, 45, the owner of the popular French restaurant “sio,” and has suspended her career indefinitely. In the meantime, her husband, Candle Jun, held an emergency press conference in Tokyo on June 18.

At the press conference, Candle Jun said

“I am a good wife and a great mother to my children.

He defended Hirosue by saying, “She is a good wife and a great mother to my children. Behind this statement, the Weekly Bunshun, which reported the W affair, continued the story,

“This may be the first time I have ever fallen in love with someone by seriously confronting and seeking after each other like this.

Shusaku, I love you.

The reason for this is that the diary was written like a “love letter,” with such words as “I love you, Shusaku,” which made the viewers feel embarrassed.

Just before the article was circulated to the public, Ms. Hirosue made a full surrender and posted a letter of apology. This is the proof that the story is not going to change.

One would have thought that “Hirosue” would have fallen into decline, but celebrities who advocate “no” to the leaking of love letters and other such incidents have begun to come to her defense.

Hiroaki Ogi of “Ogi Yahagi” said in a late-night broadcast of TBS radio’s “Ogi Yahagi no Megane Biiki” on March 15, “The generation that has done a lot of exchanging diaries has been a generation of love letters.

I’m of the generation that has had a lot of exchange diaries, and as someone who knows the importance of exchange diaries, I have to tell you that if this is made public, it will be an invasion of privacy. (It’s an invasion of privacy.

He said, “It’s an invasion of privacy.

Comedian Smiley Kikuchi updated his Twitter page by the 16th. Although he did not directly mention Hirosue’s name

“They expose people’s letters in public and make a laughingstock out of it. I have nothing but disgust for the feeling that it’s okay to do anything if the other person is at fault.

He criticized the letter.

Also, screenwriter Akira Kuramoto was interviewed by a sports newspaper after the filming of the movie “Silence of the Sea” in Otaru City, Hokkaido, on March 16.

He said, “Love is something eternal, before adultery and so on. So I don’t want to blame Mr. Hirosue at all. I don’t think I’m superior. I want to do my best, too.

I want to do my best, too,” he replied jokingly. Also, businessman Takafumi Horie, a.k.a. “Holliemon,” updated his You Tube page on March 19, saying, “I also had a big flame war and had to go to a press conference,

When I have to hold a press conference due to a big firestorm, I’m thinking of doing it the Candle Jun way,” he said, praising the way he holds press conferences.

While praising her press conference style, he added, “I’m not going to do it the way Candle Jun does it,

He also praised the way he held the press conference, saying, “I heard that Ryoko Hirosue has divorced him. I think it’s wonderful that he used the situation in such a way that he could reveal everything about it.

He also gave encouragement to Hirosue and Chef Toba, saying in a subtle way, “As a TV personality, you are not allowed to do commercials.

It is true that many of their commercials, movies, and other work has been put on hold due to the nature of their celebrity status, causing them a great deal of trouble. When you are earning money through the image business, reports of infidelity can only be a negative thing.

However, there are a certain number of celebrities and entertainers who will defend him, so those people should help him by inviting him as a guest or having him appear in a movie. It is easy to defend with one’s mouth, but when the problem occurs again, I think it is inevitable that the responsibility will come to oneself who appointed him. ……

Where there is a god to cast away, there is a god to pick up. What will become of Hirosue?

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