Ayami Nakajo, Aibu, Mizuki… Married to a company president “Actress on a happy date” photo | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ayami Nakajo, Aibu, Mizuki… Married to a company president “Actress on a happy date” photo

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Aibu on a walking date with Mr. K and his dog before their marriage, taken in July 2003.

How is your relationship going?”

Actress Ayami Nakajo (25), dressed in a leopard print jacket and mini skirt, left the venue without changing her expression when asked by the press at an event held in Tokyo on November 20 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the women’s fashion magazine “CanCam. The news of Nakajo’s love affair was reported at the 40th anniversary distribution event of the women’s fashion magazine “CanCam” held in Tokyo on November 20.

The November 17 issue of Shukan Bunshun reported Nakajo’s love affair. The magazine said that they are dating on the premise of marriage and have been living together in an apartment in Tokyo since October of this year.

The man she is dating is Sogo Ichihara, 36, the founding president of AViC, an IT venture company that is known as the “windbreaker of the Internet advertising industry. Mr. Ichihara launched the company in March 2006. At the time of its founding, operating profit was about 3 million yen, but by the fiscal year ended September 2009, it had increased dramatically to nearly 700 million yen. Mr. Ichihara’s personal assets are said to exceed 3.4 billion yen.

Mr. Nakajo and Mr. Ichihara got to know each other through a meeting of fellow managers, and began dating last year. It seems that their relationship is already an open secret within the company. In response to an interview by Shukan Bunshun, Ms. Nakajo’s agency denied her engagement or cohabitation, but admitted that their relationship is ‘a fact.

A decade ago, most actresses and female announcers were married to professional baseball players, soccer players, and other athletes, as well as entertainers. Recently, however, corporate executives have been prominent. Actresses are often invited to their parties and dinners, and it is no longer unusual for couples to get married.

TV Asahi’s Ayaka Hironaka (31), freelance announcer Ayako Kato (37), and Arisa Mizuki (45) are all married to wealthy businessmen.

Walking his dog on Saturday nights

Arisa Mizuki and businessman Mr. and Mrs. A having dinner at a high-class Chinese restaurant in Azabu Juban, Tokyo, in October 2007.

Saki Aibu (37) married Mr. K, the president of S Group, a company that sells cosmetics and produces events, in May 2004 after about a year and a half of dating. Let us look back on their happy date with their dog just before their marriage.

It was a Saturday night in July 2003. Aibu, wearing a saropet and black-rimmed glasses, was walking her dog near Mr. K’s apartment in Tokyo. FRIDAY” frequently saw Aibu visiting K’s apartment. It also caught the decisive moment of their marriage.

After finishing work, Mr. K headed for a high-class sukiyaki restaurant in Akasaka. Fifteen minutes late, Mr. Aibu showed up. Mr. Aibu showed up, and his mother was with him. Probably, they had been in a relationship officially approved by their parents since that time. Mr. Aibu seemed to be crazy about Mr. K.” (Mr. K’s acquaintance)

When we later asked Aibu directly, he replied, “Mr. K was very much in love with Mr. K.” (Mr. K’s acquaintance).

–The other day you went to a sukiyaki restaurant with Mr. K and your mother.

He knows our family very well to begin with. ……

Mr. K and Aibu are now happily married with two children. We hope Nakajo will also be able to build a happy family with businessman Ichihara.

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Nakajo, who was found to be dating the president of a 3.4 billion yen asset company
TV Asahi’s Anna Hironaka, married to the president of a venture company with 1.7 billion yen in assets
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