Ayami Nakajo: “Congratulations on your marriage! to a fan who called out to her, “Congratulations on your marriage! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ayami Nakajo: “Congratulations on your marriage! to a fan who called out to her, “Congratulations on your marriage!

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Ayami Nakajo attends her first event in Tokyo since her marriage

Congratulations on your marriage!

Ayami Nakajo (26) opened the window of her car for her fans and responded with a big smile on her face.

In early July, Ayami Nakajo attended her first post-marriage event in Tokyo, the opening ceremony for the KATE “Designing Eyebrow 3D” new product launch event “I Love My Eyebrows Exhibition”. At the event, Nakajo was asked about her married life, which she announced on May 1,

I have always been the type of person who likes to try different kinds of makeup, both for work and in my private life, so I have been experimenting with various kinds of makeup. When I went home without removing my makeup for this shoot, I got compliments on how nice it looked.

I went home without taking off my makeup for the shoot and received compliments like, “It looks great,

She also said with a smile, “When I ask her how she likes my makeup, she compliments me. I don’t know if she is shy or not. I don’t know if they are shy, but they tell me when I ask.

I don’t know if they are shy or not, but they tell me when I ask,

I am happy.

She closed with the words, “I’m happy.

The day before the event in Tokyo, Nakajo had attended an event in Kitakyushu City, but she did not talk about her married life, so there was much anticipation for her comments on that day. Nakajo’s husband, who she described as “happy,” was a man of some description.

Her husband is Sogo Ichihara, 36, president of the IT company AViC. He is so handsome that he was chosen as “Semi-Mr. Aoyama” in 2006 when he was a student at Aoyama Gakuin University. After graduating from university, he joined CyberAgent, Inc. and at the age of 28 became the director of the advertising division. 30 years later, he became independent and founded “AViC”. In just four years, the company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth. Ichihara’s assets from his stock holdings alone are worth more than 2 billion yen (as of July 21).”

The two met in the summer of ’21 through an acquaintance and were married after a year and a half of dating.

After the event, Nakajo went out of his way to roll down the window for the fans who called out to the shuttle car leaving the venue as shown at the beginning of this article. There were no words, but the big smile you see on her face speaks volumes about her happiness.

A smile on her face as fans cheer her on!
Ayami Nakajo was spotted filming a movie in Yokohama! (July 29, 2010/August 5, 2010 issue)
AYANAMI NAKAJO spotted filming a movie in Yokohama! (Jul. 29/Aug. 5, 2010 issue)
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