Why a “traitor”? JUMP’s former members appeared on their instagram, but why did the comments section go wild? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why a “traitor”? JUMP’s former members appeared on their instagram, but why did the comments section go wild?

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Ryosuke Yamada must be heartbroken by fans’ heartless comments (’18)

Keito Okamoto, a former member of Hey! Say! JUMP, appeared on the group’s Instagram page on June 17. The uploaded photo showed Okamoto, Yuya Takagi, and Ryosuke Yamada, but some “anti” members hurled invective at Okamoto.

Takagi was performing in the play “Let’s go out on a starry night” at the Minami-za Theater in Kyoto from June 12 to 21. When Yamada rushed to the theater, Okamoto must have also come to see the play. Yamada said, “I saw Yuya’s play. ~I saw Yuya’s play – with Keito next to her’ (original text), and posted a photo of the three of them together” (entertainment writer).

Okamoto left the group on April 11, 2009. Since he has been working with the members of Johnny’s less often, many fans were happy to see Keito on Johnny’s’s Instagram and to see the nice photo of the three of them together. and were happy to see ……. However, when I looked closely at the comments on the instagram, I found the following,

I don’t want to be involved in this kind of relationship. It makes me sick.

I don’t want to see Keito’s face.

I don’t care that they’re still friends, but please don’t post it on your Instagram.

Why the “traitor”?

Why a “traitor”?

Some fans blamed Keito, saying, “The members of Hey! Some fans blamed Keito. While there may be less than 1,000 comments on other posts, there were more than 3,700 comments on the photo in question as of late June,” said an entertainment writer.

In fact, when Yusho Nakajima live-streamed on Instagram on June 5, Okamoto participated by phone. And when the group started a guerrilla Insta-live on the same day, Okamoto happened to be at the same work place. However, Okamoto did not appear in front of the camera, and only his voice could be heard as he talked with the group members.

Okamoto is often involved in Hey! Say! JUMP’s Insta-lives these days, but he seems to have a strong anti-Hey!

The reason why Okamoto is called a “traitor” by some Hey! Okamoto studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York from September 2006 with the aim of studying theater in the United States.

However, the November 27, ’18 issue of Shukan Josei (Weekly Woman) reported that Okamoto was frequenting clubs and bars located 20 minutes by train from the school. Fans who read the article were disappointed to read that Okamoto “sometimes comes with a Japanese model-like woman in her twenties.

It is believed that this was Okamoto’s intention to study abroad so that he could grow overseas and give back to the group, and he had initially expressed his intention to return to Hey!

Despite this, Okamoto did not return to the group after completing his two-year study abroad program, and left the group on April 11, 2009. Because of this history, fans who believed in Okamoto are outraged, saying, “This is unforgivable.

Okamoto will play the leading role in a drama for the first time in “Rhythm” (Fuji TV), which will start on July 4. This fall, she is also scheduled to appear in the stage production of “Chocolate Donuts” (October-November) and in the medical version of the drama “Ooku” Season 2 (NHK Sogo). It seems that she will have no choice but to regain her honor through her own work.

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