MEGUMI’s divorce from her adulterous husband is on the verge, and the “beauty charisma” has revealed her “too big ambitions. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

MEGUMI’s divorce from her adulterous husband is on the verge, and the “beauty charisma” has revealed her “too big ambitions.

While she is said to be getting more offers to return to gravure and work in the beauty field, she has her eyes set on something even more important.

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She has tried more than 1,000 beauty treatments! Even after turning 40, her beauty is still going strong!

MEGUMI (42), who is active as an actress and TV personality, has been attracting more and more attention.

It all started when her husband, Kenshi Furuya (44), aka Kj, the vocalist of the popular band “Dragon Ash,” was reported to be having an affair. Furuya himself has admitted his intention to divorce, and some believe that the couple is “nearing the end of their relationship. However, MEGUMI is said to have a “big ambition” and may use this adversity to accelerate her moves.

On September 27, “Bunshun Online” reported that Furuya has been having an affair with a fan woman in her 30s for several years. On the same day, Furuya admitted on Instagram that he and his wife had separated, “It is also true that we are getting a divorce. On October 2, MEGUMI attended an event, and when asked by the press about the possibility of divorce, she said, “Thank you,” and declined to say anything. FRIDAY” reported Furuya’s affair in August 2008, the month after their marriage, but Megumi forgave him. This time, however, we believe that they have entered a mode where the divorce counts down the seconds,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

MEGUMI originally belonged to the entertainment agency “Yellow Cab,” which was called the “Big Tits Army. After starting her career around 1999, her dynamite body with a 94-centimeter bust graced the gravure pages of various magazines in bikinis. She was also popular for her ability to talk frankly and roll over senior celebrities, and was sought out for her variety shows. In 2004, she moved to a new agency and began her acting career in earnest.

Her acting ability as a “by-player” was also highly acclaimed, and in ’19 she won the Blue Ribbon Award for Best Supporting Actress for the films “Typhoon Family” and “Hitoyo. On the other hand, she also became a woman manager, opening a pancake cafe in Kanazawa six years ago.’ She and Furuya, who married in July 2008, had their first son in ’09. He is now 14 years old and acts as Nagi Furuya. Furuya’s father is Kazuyuki Furuya, a famous actor, so she is also a mother supporting an entertainment family, and her multiple activities are outstanding” (wide show desk).

(Wide-show desk) It is whispered in the entertainment world that if MEGUMI’s divorce is finalized, the first thing to emerge is talk of a “full-fledged return to gravure. Known as a beauty researcher who experiments with various techniques on herself, in her 40s she has become the talk of the town for her beauty beyond her years and outstanding style. In April of this year, she released her book, “Kirei ha, Dokko ni Tsukuru Dasu” (“You can make yourself beautiful with this”), which has sold over 350,000 copies and has earned her the nickname “beauty charisma.

In anticipation of MEGUMI’s divorce, some people in the entertainment industry are quick to point out that they are hoping that MEGUMI will make a “gravure comeback” with her first bikini shots in a while. There are a number of people in the entertainment industry who are quick to take advantage of the fact that MEGUMI is going through a divorce and are hoping that she will “revive” her gravure career with bikini shots. It remains to be seen whether or not she will shake her head, but since she has been seen in her underwear, there is a good chance she will.

However, MEGUMI herself is said to have an even bigger dream. She revealed this in a long interview published in the web edition of “LEE” magazine in February 2008, just before the new COVID-19 crisis hit.

In the “LEE,” MEGUMI earnestly expressed her desire to go abroad as an international actress, saying, “I am aiming for Cannes, and I would like to appear in foreign productions in the future. In fact, she revealed that she is learning kimono dressing, etiquette, and Japanese dance in anticipation of playing a Japanese character in a foreign film, and that she would like to go abroad after she settles down to raise her child.

In an interview uploaded on the website of the beauty media “VOCE” in October 2009, she expressed her desire to make a movie: “I have a big dream that my work will win an Academy Award! I have such big dreams. I am serious about everything,” she declared. He also emphasized that he would like to present his work abroad. Now that the COVID-19 crisis has settled down and her son has grown up, it is possible that she will take the opportunity of her separation from her husband to make a move to realize her ambition by flying abroad.

(A former sports reporter) The scope of her work is only expanding, as evidenced by the drama series “Smoldering Woman and Sunken Woman” (TV Tokyo), which started on October 11 this year, and which was planned and produced by MEGUMI. It will be interesting to see if the “charisma of gravure and beauty” who has gone from husband to freelance can make her breakthrough overseas as well.

Won the Blue Ribbon for Best Supporting Actress for “Hitoyo” and “Typhoon Family” (February ’20).
It had been 10 years since she set her sights on becoming a proper actress. It was the moment when one of her dreams finally came true.
She has been praised for keeping her work and private life separate and not talking too much about the affair.
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