Complaints about comments on Instagram live… “Manners of fans” questioned by “Johnny’s Talent” social networking activities. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Complaints about comments on Instagram live… “Manners of fans” questioned by “Johnny’s Talent” social networking activities.

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Yamada on foot for the filming of a drama.

Johnny’s idol group Hey! Say! JUMP held an Instagram live-stream from Okinawa Prefecture, where they were staying on July 30. While reading viewers’ comments, Yusho Nakajima discovered one fan’s request. Since it was a post about a specific member, he complained, “Think about everyone else.

At the beginning of the live-streaming, Yuya Takagi reported, “I’m in Okinawa! he reported. Ryosuke Yamada added, “The reason why we are in Okinawa is because we are going to be in an idol magazine that will be on sale on September 7. We are going to be in it.” He revealed that they came to Okinawa for a photo shoot for the magazine.

JUMP has already “graduated” from these idol magazines, and in recent years, the members have been working on their own. JUMP itself has already “graduated” from these idol magazines, and in recent years, the members have been published individually. Therefore, Hiroki Arioka happily said on his Instagram live, “It’s been a long time since the eight of us appeared in a magazine together. Ino’o and the other members seemed to be in high spirits as they danced the Okinawan dance “Kachashii” while calling out the magazine’s name repeatedly.

However, there was a moment of tension at the scene. Nakajima, who was holding the camera (terminal), was checking the comments and said, “‘Let’s do Yamada-kun’s one-shot time. It’s hard. Think about everyone. It’s normal. It’s so hard. Why do they say that?” He frankly revealed his true feelings.

When Kota Yabu tweeted, “That’s SNS,” Nakajima looked gloomy and said, “That’s scary. Perhaps to lighten the mood, Yuri Chinen insisted in an exaggerated tone, “Those heartless words are hurting us! he insisted. Nakajima, however, did not let the bad mood linger and continued, “‘Yama-chan, your suntan looks really painful. Your skin is white, you know. The entire group continued to talk amiably.

Yamada’s reaction to this scene could not be confirmed, perhaps because she was not nearby by chance. In response to this trend, the audience said, “I don’t like it when you say that, Yamada,

Yamada-kun would feel awkward if someone said something like that to him.

I don’t understand the nerve of anyone who would write a comment that would make a member sad.

People who make comments like this don’t think about Yamada’s feelings at all. What fun is it to hurt the people you love and their friends?

There has been a string of negative comments. Some netizens have criticized Nakajima for picking up on these comments, but he may have intended to check the number of fans making such requests during the live broadcast. Even if the poster did not mean to offend, Nakajima and the others must have felt more than a little disappointed.

In fact, it is a fact that Yamada is supported by enthusiastic fans. A writer explains.

Yamada, along with Kazuya Ninomiya of Arashi, Yuichi Nakamaru of KAT-TUN, and Fuma Kikuchi of Sexy Zone, appear on the YouTube channel “Janinochanner. Last year, the three of them infiltrated Yamada’s home in the video “#106 [Maji Ie] The Psychopathic Three Waiting for Yamada at Yamada’s House.” (March 6, ’22), which caused controversy. Ninomiya and the others entered Yamada’s house using a duplicate key and held a takoyaki party in his absence. Yamada, who returned home halfway through the party, was puzzled by the sudden intruder. However, perhaps due to privacy concerns, the video inside the house was not shown to the public, but instead consisted of the voices of four people playing and a message was inserted. Some viewers were disgusted, saying, “I felt sorry for Yamada-kun, I couldn’t watch it,” and “Poor Yamada-kun, being tacopied at home without permission while he is not home.

Incidentally, the live distribution on March 17, “[Emergency live distribution] Celebration !!!! Fuma Kikuchi’s birthday”, a member of “Janino” said, “Yamada-kun’s fans really get angry” (Ninomiya) and “Yamada-kun fans, they are scary” (Kikuchi).

That is how much Yamada is loved by his fans, but requests like the one made at this Insta-live would only annoy them. With Japanese talents taking to social networking one after another, perhaps the fans should read the atmosphere and send their messages.

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