Ken Shimura’s Beloved Woman Reveals Now “The Sad End of Life of a Genius Comedian Who Will Be Sadly Missed” (Japanese only) | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ken Shimura’s Beloved Woman Reveals Now “The Sad End of Life of a Genius Comedian Who Will Be Sadly Missed” (Japanese only)

Shortly 3 years have passed since the regrettable death of Ken Shimura, and all of Japan is in mourning.

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Saki smiles as she holds a treasured two-shot photo of Mr. Shimura. Mr. Shimura was a lonely man and would send me a lot of messages late at night,” she said.

I still miss him,” she said. Looking back, all I have are happy memories. Three years have passed since his death, and I decided to tell you this story to let you know his true feelings.

Saki (pseudonym, 28), who was in a serious relationship with the comedian genius Ken Shimura (70 years old), said, “I am very happy to be able to share my memories of Mr. Shimura’s life with you. Mr. Shimura died of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus infection on March 29, 2008. It has been almost three years since her regrettable death, which caused grief throughout Japan. It is a well-known story that Mr. Shimura had been involved in affairs with many women in Azabu-juban (Minato Ward), Tokyo, but according to Ms. Saki, there was “a desire” behind his death. The woman he loved most reveals Mr. Shimura’s sad end-of-life story.

She said, “I met Mr. Shimura at a girls’ bar in Azabu Juban, where I was working as a staff member.” On my first day of work in February 2005, there was this incident. When I went to the restroom and left my seat, Shimura-san happened to be nearby. He suddenly kissed me on the lips and said, ‘You are so cute. I had always had a crush on Mr. Shimura, so I was elated. Once we exchanged contact information, I began to receive frequent short messages from Mr. Shimura.”

Shimura-san sent him candid messages such as, “Long time no see, love,” and “Good night, Chuu.” Soon after, they began dining together.

They often went to the relaxation spa that Mr. Shimura went to and had meals at yakitori restaurants and sushi restaurants in Azabu Juban. In a private room at the spa, he asked me for a male-female relationship, but I declined. It was the third time we met that Mr. Shimura scolded me. He said, “What do you think you are doing when we are meeting alone and you don’t do such things? I had a liking for Mr. Shimura, so I apologized and said, ‘I’m sorry. I thought that in a relationship between a man and a woman, you are supposed to go to your room (not to the spa).

‘I want you to have my child.’

It was on that day that Saki sensed that Mr. Shimura was serious about dating her, and not just for fun.

After dinner, he took me to a room in a luxury apartment nearby. The room was fully furnished and ready to live in. Mr. Shimura said, ‘You can use it if you like,’ and then continued with a serious expression on his face: ‘I want you to have my baby. I want you to have my baby. I was so happy that I said, ‘Yes, I can.

But soon after, an uproar broke out. The owner of the girls’ bar where he worked discovered that Saki had taken a photo of Shimura as her LINE icon. The owner of the girls’ bar was furious with her for meeting an important customer outside the bar and getting close to him.

“The bar is Mr. Shimura’s go-to place. I believe the owner told him negative things about me. As a major figure in the entertainment world, he probably wanted to avoid trouble. Little by little, the distance between us grew.”

Even after quitting the bar and no longer being partners with Mr. Shimura, they remained close friends.

Mr. Shimura is often reported to have glamorous relationships with women, but from his words and actions toward me, I think he had marriage in mind and was seriously looking for someone who would be with him until his death. Since the rest of his life is not so long, he wanted to leave his offspring while he still can. In fact, I belonged to a dating club and knew many women. I didn’t tell him about the dating club, but in an effort to help Mr. Shimura find the love of his life, I introduced him to many women who seemed to be his favorite type.”

However, despite the excitement of the occasion, the relationship rarely developed into a relationship. The exception was Nao (pseudonym).

I didn’t want to get into trouble, so I kept an eye on Shimura’s LINEs with the women. The only communication with Nao was different. With the other women, there were many business-like messages, but with Nao-san, the words were as if she was exposing herself, as if she were sending them to me. She also asked me to ‘stay with me forever’ and ‘be my manager. They also had a date in Azabu Juban six days before Mr. Shimura developed corona. They must have been seriously thinking about getting together.”

However, Mr. Shimura fell ill with an infection, and his wish was never fulfilled. Mr. Shimura was always faithful to women,” says Saki. When she closes her eyes, she can still picture Mr. Shimura’s smiling face.

Seeking a partner who will be with him until death–

Mr. Shimura often dined with women at Azabu Juban. Unlike the impression he gives on TV, he is quiet. He was a gentleman and did not hold back women who wanted to leave.

The women introduced by Mr. Saki. They were university students, models, estheticians, and so on. The pattern was for Mr. Shimura to go to his favorite spa and then have dinner with them.

From the March 31 and April 7, 2023 issues of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Courtesy of Saki, Hiroyuki Komatsu (1st photo)

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