Shinji Saito of Jungle Pocket is having an affair with a beautiful cabaret girl who looks like Ayami Nakajo. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shinji Saito of Jungle Pocket is having an affair with a beautiful cabaret girl who looks like Ayami Nakajo.

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Saito was interviewed directly by FRIDAY. At the end of the interview, he vowed, “I will make sure that this kind of thing will never happen again.

Jungle Pocket” Saito Shinji (40) has a cabaret club that he visits every time he goes to Kyushu on business. Apparently, he had a physical relationship with a cast member who worked there, A.” (A’s acquaintance)

Saito is a popular comedian who became a Wednesday personality on “ZIP!” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) in July of this year.’ He announced his marriage to TV personality Saori Seto (35) in December 2005, and their first child, a boy, was born in November ’19. What happened between the loving wife, who happily talks about her wife and son on TV, and the cabaret actress in Kyushu?

A former acquaintance of mine tells us.

A is in her early 20s and looks like Ayami Nakajo. On June 3 at around 11 p.m., Saito and a man came to a cabaret club in Fukuoka where A is a member. All the cast members replaced them at their seats.”

Ms. A exchanged lines with Saito in the restaurant, but did not accompany him to the after-party after they left and went home. However, about an hour after returning home, Ms. A received a call from Saito.

When A sent him a message at around 3:00 a.m. thanking him for coming to the store, Saito immediately asked, “Do you want to meet now?” Saito immediately asked her, ‘Do you want to meet me now? I’m coming over there! Saito was so insistent that A told Saito where she lived, and the two had a physical relationship there.

Saito told A that he had to leave at around 6:00 a.m. and quickly left.

After that, Saito called A every day.

After further interviews, this magazine was able to contact Ms. A. According to Ms. A, Saito repeatedly said during the interview, “I am happy to be with such a pretty girl.

The magazine asked Yoshimoto Kogyo, to which Saito belongs, to confirm the facts. However, no response was received by the deadline, so the magazine directly interviewed Saito in Tokyo.

On June 3, you went to the home of Ms. A, a cabaret club girl, in Fukuoka, right?

…… Yes.”

Do you often do this kind of thing?

I’ve already …… had a devil’s advocate. I’m sorry.

Have you confided in your wife about the incident?

Yes, I did. I told her firmly, and she was very angry with me. She told me to apologize and make amends to the people at work who had helped me. She is a waste of a wife for me. I’m sorry I couldn’t say anything funny.”

The August 18 issue of “FRIDAY” (September 1) reported in detail on Saito’s correspondence with Ms. A over the next month, as well as Saito’s astonishing behavior after meeting Ms. A again. It also includes a photo of Ms. A responding to the magazine’s direct questioning. The paid version of “FRIDAY GOLD” also published several photos.

LINE exchange between Saito and Ms. A after they left the restaurant. The exchange between the two began with Saito’s message, “This is Saito! which began with
About 30 minutes after the appointment, Saito arrived at Ms. A’s home by cab. Saito stayed at Ms. A’s home until around 6:00 a.m.

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