A date with a top actor arm-in-arm, a nighttime dog walk with her husband… Saki Aibu’s “20th anniversary of debut as an actress” – more attractive photos of her true face | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A date with a top actor arm-in-arm, a nighttime dog walk with her husband… Saki Aibu’s “20th anniversary of debut as an actress” – more attractive photos of her true face

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Aibu gives Nagase a big smile. December ’07

Saki Aibu (37) celebrated the 20th anniversary of her acting debut.

Her performance in an on-air drama is also attracting attention. In the Sunday drama “Last Man – The Totally Blind Investigator” (TBS), she plays the mother of the main character (Masaharu Fukuyama) during his childhood. The scene in which she and her son play the piano together overlaps with the realistic image of Aibu, a mother of two, and has been attracting attention on the Internet as a “mom actress” and a “convincing and good performance.

Aibu’s acting debut was in the 2003 drama “WATER BOYS” (Fuji TV). After that, she appeared in “17 Years Old in Summer” (ABC TV series) and “Nana no Natsu. (ABC TV), “Natsu no Hikari” (NTV), and “Don Don” (NTV). (NTV), “Don’t Mai! (NHK Sogo) and many others.

In her personal life, she studied abroad in the U.S. from April 2001. In May 2004, she married Mr. A, a business manager who is five years older than her and is involved in event production. Their first son was born in the fall of the following year, and their first daughter in the spring of 2008.

FRIDAY” has been paying attention to Aibu since immediately after her debut as an actress. Her armchair date with a top actor, walking her dog at night with her husband Mr. A, and her precious appearance as a cabin attendant ……. We would like to introduce Aibu’s charms with a lot of her treasured photos.

I can’t wait to see them!

This magazine first reported on the love affair between Aibu and top actor Tomoya Nagase in January 2008.

Roppongi, Tokyo, was bustling with people during the New Year’s holiday season. Nagase was wearing a black knit cap and a long T-shirt, and Aibu was wearing a white hooded coat. People on the street said, “Hey, isn’t that Nagase? The woman is Aibu, isn’t she?

On the day of the event, it was the launch of the drama “Utahime” (TBS). But Mr. Nagase didn’t seem to know where the venue was, so he wandered around Roppongi. Mr. Aibu, who contacted him by cell phone, came to pick him up.

It seems that Mr. Aibu had been crazy about Ms. Nagase since that time. In a magazine interview about “Utahime,” he said the following I’m really happy to be able to work with him. It’s cool. I’m so excited.

After his breakup with Nagase, Aibu chose the aforementioned Mr. A, a business manager, as his partner. This magazine (August 14, 2003 issue) reported the scene of a nighttime premarital dog date between Aibu and Mr. A. Let us look back at the situation at the time.

Saturday night. Aibu, wearing a saropet and black-rimmed glasses, was walking his dog near Mr. A’s apartment in Tokyo. This magazine frequently witnessed Aibu visiting Mr. A’s apartment. The magazine often saw Aibu visiting Mr. A’s apartment and caught the decisive moment of their marriage.

After finishing work, Mr. A headed for a high-class sukiyaki restaurant in Akasaka. Fifteen minutes later, Mr. Aibu showed up. Mr. Aibu showed up and her mother was with him. Probably, they had been in a relationship that was approved by their parents at the time. Mr. Aibu seemed to be crazy about Ms. A.” (Mr. A’s acquaintance)

(Mr. A’s acquaintance) When we later asked Aibu directly, he replied, “I don’t know about my family.

[He] has always known our family very well. ……

Aibu is leading a full life, both publicly and privately. It is no wonder that she is now celebrating the 20th anniversary of her acting debut, and that her acting has become even more polished.

Nagase and I went on a date, arm-in-arm, without being seen. November ’08
Walking in Roppongi without disguise. December 2007
Nagase gently puts his hand on Aibu’s waist and they go to the venue. December ’07
Walking with her husband, Mr. A, in the evening before their marriage. July ’15
Walking with her dog near her home. April ’13
Closely followed the filming of the drama “Attention Please” (Fuji TV). May ’06
Closely followed the filming of the drama “Attention Please” (Fuji Television Network). May ’06
Caught up with the filming of the drama “Attention Please” (Fuji Television Network). May ’06
Played the role of the manager of the rowing club in the drama “Regatta” (TV Asahi). June ’06
First pitch at the game between Yakult and the Giants at Jingu Stadium in March ’08.
A middle-aged woman who seems to eat a lot of sweets…… she is also Aibu. Filmed in special makeup for the drama “Rebound. May ’11.
Girls’ night out in Sangenjaya, Tokyo. January ’14
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