Why Ayami Nakajo “returned to Tokyo on a bullet train” after her stage greeting in Osaka. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why Ayami Nakajo “returned to Tokyo on a bullet train” after her stage greeting in Osaka.

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Even through her simple black-and-white attire, her excellent proportions stood out – and she was a very attractive woman.

On a mid-January evening at Shin-Osaka Station, a woman was trying on a hat and mask as if trying to avoid being seen, but it was actress Ayami Nakajo (27) who caught the eye for her style despite her simple T-shirt and pants.

Surrounded by people who looked like her manager and other related people, Nakajo walked through the station. Just standing there, her good style stood out.

On this day, a stage greeting for the movie “In a Closed Snowy Villa” was being held in Namba and Umeda, Osaka.

The film is based on Keigo Higashino’s novel, which has sold more than 100 million copies in total. 30 years later, it has finally been made into a live-action film.

The lead role is played by Daiki Shigeoka (31) of “West.” A cast of eight unique actors including Shoutarou Mamiya (30) and Mayu Hotta (25) appear in the film. Nakajo plays the role of an actress who is deprived of her role after participating in an audition held at a mountain villa.

Nakajo is one of the top actresses who has been successful at both acting and modeling.” She also appeared in “On the Day the World Ends with You” (NTV) and “TOKYO MER: Running Emergency Rescue Room” (TBS), both of which aired in 2009 and were big hits that were made into series and movies. With a movie starring Nakajo scheduled to be released in April of this year, she has become one of the top actresses representing the entertainment industry.

In 2005, she won the 41st Japan Academy Award for Best Newcomer for her role in the movie “Cheerleading. She has performed in two to three dramas and movies every year, and her reputation for acting ability within the industry is impeccable.

In her personal life, she announced her marriage to a man in May 2011. The man is the president of an IT company with assets exceeding several billion yen, whom she met through an acquaintance.

At the young age of 26 at the time, she had become the wife of the company president, and her public life and private life were smooth sailing.

In a past interview, she said, “If I were to fall in love, I would want a man who would be like a houseplant that doesn’t wither even if I don’t water it for a week, and who would always be waiting for me and heal me. Now that she is riding a wave of success in her work, he would be the ideal marriage partner who would welcome the busy Nakajo at home.

Nakajo returned to Tokyo in a bullet train after making several stage appearances that day. This is a natural schedule for a successful actress, but it seems that the reason she wants to return is because of her “healed newlywed life.

It has been about nine months since the announcement of their marriage. Showing no signs of fatigue, she quickly returned to her “love nest” where her beloved was waiting for her.

After the stage greeting, the couple headed for the bullet train to Tokyo.
  • PHOTO Yuri Adachi

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