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Maki Yoko Sparks Heated Debate with Iwahashi

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Maki Yoko says she’s not yet in a position to return, but a strong partner has emerged.

The series of incidents caused by former comedy duo “Plus/Minus” member Yoshimasa Iwahashi in February this year seems to have settled down, but the “aftereffects” have not completely disappeared.

It all started when Iwahashi spotted Maki Yoko, who appeared on the show, and posted on X saying, “Oh, she’s the one who shot me with an air gun.” Initially, he didn’t mention her name in the first post, but soon publicly disclosed it. In response, Maki updated her own social media to refute his claims. This led Iwahashi to retaliate again on X, igniting a heated exchange.

The controversy, which escalated with participation from both followers and viewers, might have been contained if it had remained just between the two. However, Iwahashi’s continual exposure of harassment in the entertainment industry on social media led to his contract being terminated by Yoshimoto Kogyo, his agency. Furthermore, the incident took an unexpected turn.


“Hollywood Zakoshisyoh, known for his exaggerated impersonations, featured Maaki’s video. It became hugely popular, not only boosting Zakoshisyoh’s views but also significantly increasing the views of Maki’s original video. However, this had the biggest impact on Maki.


Zakoshisyoh deleted the video and publicly apologized, but Maaki’s health deteriorated to the point of hospitalization, and she had to withdraw from the planned drama”  (senior executive from a prestigious entertainment agency)

Three months have passed since then. Iwahashi, forced into hiatus from his activities, recently updated his YouTube channel, ‘Iwahashi Hitori Channel.’ While answering questions from fans, he showed enthusiasm for returning to television. His demeanor appeared bright, without any lingering effects from the controversy.

He hasn’t been arrested for drug-related crimes or accused of indecent behavior, so I don’t think sponsors would issue a ban against him. However, for comedians dismissed by Yoshimoto seeking a TV comeback, as seen in the case of Hiroyuki Miyasako, it’s not so simple.” (show production insider)

Meanwhile, according to someone close to her, Maaki’s current situation is as follows

“She wasn’t originally someone with particularly fragile mental health, and she’s usually quick to bounce back. However, this time seems to have been quite shocking for her. She’s not yet in a condition to make a comeback. It seems like it will take a bit more time for her physical and mental health to fully recover.”

The words carry weight. Despite this, there was someone who extended a helping hand to Maki.

On May 28th, it was reported that actor Makoto Fugawa, who had been rumored to be Maki’s current partner, transferred to Maki’s personal agency. It was also reported that he changed his stage name to Shin Katsushin. A close associate mentioned:


“By transferring to her agency, he probably wanted to ensure they can be together without it seeming unnatural. I think this shows his commitment to supporting her both emotionally and physically in the future.” 

Regarding her comeback, Maki had previously stated through a source:

“It may take time, but I will definitely return. I’ll be fine.”

However, on June 2nd, she updated her Instagram:

“I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I want to apologize here for causing everyone so much worry.”

She apologized for the entire controversy and added:

“My health has improved now, and I look forward to meeting everyone in good spirits every day.”

It’s something to look forward to.

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