Hana Kuroki ‘in a colorful skirt’ goes to Muro Tsuyoshi’s apartment | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hana Kuroki ‘in a colorful skirt’ goes to Muro Tsuyoshi’s apartment

News on the Scene FRIDAY Eyewitness News harikomi24 (in tokyo, 8:10 p.m.)

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Kuroki’s everyday clothes are rough but stylish. Her white T-shirt and brightly colored skirt look great on her.

On a hot and humid night in late August, actress Hana Kuroki (Haru), 31, appeared at the service entrance of a building in the heart of Tokyo. She was wearing an eye-catching colorful flowered skirt that suited her well.

Kuroki attended an event to report the completion of the movie “Sensei, could you please sit next to me? On this day, Kuroki attended the completion report event of the movie “Sensei, Could You Please Sit Next to Me? After the event, she got into a pickup car and arrived at the apartment of “that guy” who was in great shape.

“In fact, Muro Tsuyoshi (45) has been living in the same apartment building as Kuroki for many years. They are close friends, and Muro openly says that he has a relationship with Kuroki and that he comes to his house. Kuroki, on the other hand, is so close to Muro that he says, “I can drink with him for hours. Kuroki finally moved into Muro’s apartment in April last year, but it seems that they are still friends after all.

In the movie “Sensei”, Kuroki plays a manga artist who falls in love with a young teacher at a driving school. I’m looking forward to the release of the movie to see what kind of performance she gives as she is now a regular at the Japan Academy Awards.

A cut from the issue of FRIDAY: Hana Kuroki in a colorful skirt on her way to the end of the event.

From “FRIDAY” September 17, 2021 issue

  • Cinematography Ippei Hara

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