She and Hana Kuroki get holo-drunk, and her see-through bosom makes my heart flutter! Yō Yoshida’s “good performances in dramas and commercials” and her beautiful, true face are gaining increasing recognition. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

She and Hana Kuroki get holo-drunk, and her see-through bosom makes my heart flutter! Yō Yoshida’s “good performances in dramas and commercials” and her beautiful, true face are gaining increasing recognition.

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Yoshida and Kuroki walk around hobnobbing and talking to each other. November ’18

Actress Yō Yoshida’s reputation is growing rapidly.

In the drama “Last Man – The Totally Blind Investigator” (TBS), she gives a great performance as the head of the Investigation Section 1. She also has an overwhelming presence in commercials for Pocari Sweat and Aflac, among others.

Ms. Yoshida debuted in 1997 and has had a long career as an actress. However, her activities were mainly in small theaters, and her breakthrough came in 2010, when she appeared in the NHK historical drama “E: Hime-tachi no Sengoku” and the morning drama “Jun to Ai”. Since then, he has starred in many films, including the movie “Hanalei Bay” and the drama “Live, Die, Father, etc.” (TV Tokyo).

Her hobbies include scuba diving and playing the piano, and she likes to sing karaoke by herself, sometimes for long periods of time. She is well-liked for her friendly personality, and her ardent fans call her a “hitsujist” (a person involved in entertainment production).

FRIDAY” has been keeping a close eye on Yoshida since shortly after his breakthrough. Yoshida’s holo-drunkenness with her ally Hana Kuroki, her see-through outfit and throbbing bosom, and her cute one-day chief of police ……. We would like to convey Yoshida’s overwhelming aura with these treasured photos.

When she bowed, her bosom was ……

It was in February ’16 that the audience was excited.

The Blue Ribbon Award ceremony was held in Tokyo. Yoshida, who won the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the movie “Birigyaru,” drew laughter when she greeted the audience with the following words.

I haven’t won an award since I used sunflower seeds for my free research project in elementary school.

A gasp of delight arose from the audience immediately afterwards. Yoshida bowed deeply. She was wearing a see-through dress, so her bosom was exposed.

It was November 2006 when I caught Yoshida in a drunken stupor.

Two women were walking down the street at night in Nakameguro, Tokyo, a district lined with fashionable restaurants. They were Yoshida and Kuroki Hana. They were wearing glasses and natural make-up, almost like a clean slate, in a relaxed atmosphere. Kuroki’s cheeks were uplifted and she was leaning close to Yoshida, suggesting that she had already had quite a bit to drink.

Yoshida and Kuroki have been good friends since they co-starred in the “Jun to Ai” morning drama in 2012.

When Ms. Yoshida, who has a wide circle of friends, hangs out with junior actresses such as Mayu Matsuoka and Nana Seino, Ms. Kuroki gets so jealous that she asks, “Why not me? Ms. Kuroki is said to be so jealous. Ms. Yoshida also said, “She is a valuable friend with whom I can talk easily. If I were a man, I would want to go out with her.

Yoshida is not only a fan of Kuroki’s work, but she is also a “sheepish” fan of the actresses who come after her. Her personality is likely to expand her field of activity.

Yoshida and Kasumi Arimura shelter from the rain at the entrance of the café during a break in filming. ’19
She appeared in a see-through dress at the Blue Ribbon Awards ceremony. January ’16.
September ’16. Beautiful legs at the event.
Sexy outfit also at the movie award ceremony hosted by Sports Newspaper. Sep. ’16.
Carrying a large amount of luggage. Nov. ’15.
Playing father and son with Maida Nono. February ’22
Wearing a turban and showing her forehead during a break in filming. January ’21
Rolled down the window of his car to show his appreciation to his fans. June ’16
She responded to a fan. November ’16
In October ’12, he became chief of the Osaka Prefectural Police’s Minami Police Station for a day because of his role as a beautiful devilish instructor in NHK’s morning drama “Jun to Ai”.
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