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Arashi: Sho Sakurai and Masaki Aiba’s marriage threatens to isolate Satoshi Ohno

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The leader of “Arashi”, Satoshi Ohno, has been away from performing since the group’s hiatus.

On September 28, Sho Sakurai and Masaki Aiba of the suspended “Arashi” group announced their marriage together.

This is the first time in the history of Johnny’s that two members of the same group announced their marriage at the same time. Both have announced that they are marrying “ordinary women,” but Sakurai is a former TV station employee who was a classmate of his at Keio University, which has been rumored for some time. Aiba is said to be an ordinary woman with whom he has been living for the past ten years.

The timing of the announcement was “this is the only way”.

The group is currently on hiatus. On top of that, the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, for which Sakurai and Aiba served as NHK special navigators, had just concluded.

In addition, September 28 was a good day, a day of great peace and a day of great prosperity. The following day, the 29th, was the day of the vote for the LDP presidential election, and all the TV stations were talking about it. The next day, the 29th, is the day the Liberal Democratic Party’s presidential election will be held, and all the TV stations will be talking about it.

“Johnny’s puts his fans first. If they were to make separate announcements, the fans would be shocked each time, but if they were to make two announcements at the same time, they would only have to do it once.

It’s a happy story, but I’m sure the Johnny’s office is privately asking the stations not to pull the trigger. I think they are trying to bury the story in the news about the LDP presidential election and Kei Komuro,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

Including Kazunari Ninomiya, who got married in November of the year before last, three of the five members are now married. The fans are already discussing about the next member to get married.

First of all, there is Matsumoto Jun, who has a deep-rooted dating theory with actress Inoue Mao, whose movie “99.9: Criminal Lawyer” is scheduled to be released in December, and whose drama “Tonari no Chikara” (TV Asahi) will start in January next year. In January of next year, he will star in the drama “Tonari Chikara” (TV Asahi), and in the year after next, he will star in the historical drama “Ieyasu”. The sports journalist mentioned above said

“I think he will be in work mode for a while. Looking at his recent activities, he seems to be enjoying his “solitude” by going abroad and meeting with fellow actors. If he is going to get married, it will be before or after the Taiga drama. If there is to be a marriage, it will be around the time of the historical drama, either before the crank-in of the drama, which will be held for about a year, or after the drama is finished.

He pointed out. More likely than Matsumoto is the leader of Arashi, Satoshi Ohno, who has completely disappeared from the stage with the suspension of Arashi’s activities.

In April, “Josei Jishin” reported that Ohno was enjoying a trip to Kyoto with an ordinary woman, and in August, “Shukan Josei” caught him on a “ranch date” with a woman believed to be the same person.

In August, “Shukan Josei” caught him on a date with a woman believed to be the same person. The fans are wishing him happiness, and there are no hurdles preventing him from getting married.

However, it must be complicated for him. In September of 2003, Ohno was reported to be dating a former actress 10 years younger than him, but the relationship broke up. Despite being in the middle of a local concert, Ohno held a press conference to apologize and said, “We are not in a relationship at all. We will never meet again,” he declared.

“But the following year, Ninomiya’s passionate love was revealed, and before they knew it, they were married. Ohno was very angry and distrusted the office. And now, Sakurai and Aiba have beaten him to it. Some people are worried that this will add to Ohno’s “isolation”.

The reason for Arashi’s suspension was announced by Ohno and approved by the other members. The main reason was fatigue, but the underlying theme was also “Ohno-san, please get married. There were many people in the entertainment industry who assumed that Sakurai and Aiba would follow after seeing the leader’s happiness.

But now that it has turned out the other way, I wonder if there will be any strain on the group. Ohno is said to be congratulating them on their marriage, but what is his true intention?

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