The surprising reason why the person in charge of orange, the “member color” of Johnny’s’s office, is “becoming more likable” despite a series of “hot love reports”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The surprising reason why the person in charge of orange, the “member color” of Johnny’s’s office, is “becoming more likable” despite a series of “hot love reports”.

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HIRUNANDES!” Yuki Arioka and Hikaru Yaotome looking happy at the launch

The June 1 issue of “Josei Seven” (Shogakukan) reported the “7-year commuter love” of Hey!Say!JUMP’s Hiroki Arioka (32) and actress Mayu Matsuoka (28).’ The magazine reported their relationship in December 2006, but the two have been together for as long as seven years. Netizens generally commented favorably, saying, “I didn’t know it was still going on,” and “The likability of Arioka-kun’s single-mindedness has increased in my mind.

According to “Josei Seven,” Arioka and Matsuoka met through an acquaintance and began dating in ’17. They lived in different rooms of the same apartment building and went back and forth between each other’s rooms, and had a series of in-home dates. Matsuoka recently moved out, and her acquaintance testified, “It seems that Arioka often goes to Matsuoka’s house now.

The news of their continued relationship has made some fans nervous, wondering if Arioka is considering marriage. Arioka is now 32 years old, and among Johnny’s in their 30s, Johnny’s WEST’s Terushi Kiriyama (33) has just been in the news for his love affair. In April this year, “Josei Seven” reported on the “3-year secret love” between Kiriyama and former volleyball player Maiko Kano (34).

The two became friends through “World Cup Volleyball 2019” (Fuji TV), in which Johnny’s WEST served as a special supporter of the tournament and Kano participated as a guest commentator, and their relationship is said to have lasted three years.

According to an article in Nikkan Sports dated April 27, Johnny’s’s office responded to an interview, “We have no particular comment to make,” and Kano’s office commented, “We leave his private life to him. The article concluded, “Each of them did not deny their relationship.”

In fact, recently, there have been a number of reports of relationships between talents whose member color is “orange. Each Johnny’s group has its own image color, and both Arioka and Kiriyama are orange. In January of this year, Kis-My-Ft2 member Wataru Yokoo (37) announced his marriage to a younger woman after six years of dating. Writers for idol magazines have been wondering whether Arioka, who has been in love with Yokoo for seven years, will follow Yokoo to the goal line.

Incidentally, among the debutant talents who were members of Orange, former Sexy Zone member Marius Yuha and former V6 member Ken Miyake have already left Johnny’s. Marius left Johnny’s on December 31 last year, and Miyake is currently in the process of becoming a member of Orange. Marius left the office on December 31 of last year, and Miyake on May 2 of this year.

Excluding Johnny’s Jr., Ryuhei Maruyama of Kanjani Eight, Koji Mukai of Snow Man, Ryusei Onishi of Naniwa Boys, and Kaito Matsukura of Travis Japan are also in charge of Orange. As for them, there are no concrete rumors of love at this point. In the second half of this year, it will be interesting to see what happens with the members’ orange color.

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