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Haruna Kawaguchi’s Soft Return Home Outfit Redefining Low Ratings Queen with Actress Aura

Is the CM queen's relationship with her fighter boyfriend going well, and is she close to her goal?

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Kawaguchi, who came out after the stage greeting, showed no signs of fatigue and responded to the fans outside with a smile and a laugh.

At the end of the workday, without showing a trace of exhaustion, her expression overflowed with an actress’s aura.

In early February, the premiere greeting for the movie “Migawari Chushingura” was held in Tokyo. Appearing in a black top and pants paired with red heels was actress Haruna Kawaguchi (29), who played the role of the Madonna, the object of affection for the protagonist played by Muro Tsuyoshi (48).

Kawaguchi was once dubbed the low ratings queen, but she redeemed herself with performances in “silent” (2022) and “Maiagare!” (2023). Now, she has become one of the most sought-after actresses.

“Last year, Kawaguchi posted a photo on her own SNS wearing a ring on her left ring finger, sparking rumors of an impending marriage. She was already considered a prime candidate for marriage at any time, but with the tremendous success of ‘silent’ and being crowned the CM queen in 2023, her career has been going so smoothly that there are more and more peope to report to or consult with, making the timing difficult.” (Entertainment reporter, Kaoru Shimada)

After the premiere greeting, Kawaguchi returned home wearing her hair in buns, glasses, and a fluffy outfit all in white. She responded to the cheers of waiting fans with a smile and waves, showing her excellent handling of the situation.

“She is always natural. She didn’t even try to hide her relationship, which was refreshingly open. This year marks the end of her twenties, and she is entering her 15th year since her debut as an actress in 2009, aiming to reach the level of accomplished actress. She will likely continue to take on leading roles in both movies and dramas.” (Same source)

It’s exciting to see the performance of top actresses.

Haruna Kawaguchi’s happy aura in her fluffy going-home outfit, a cut that has never been published in this magazine.

From the March 1 and 8 , 2024 issues of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Yuri Adachi

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