Yukina Kinoshita’s “first TV appearance in four years” drew a lot of attention, but her “desire to return to the entertainment industry” was still evident. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukina Kinoshita’s “first TV appearance in four years” drew a lot of attention, but her “desire to return to the entertainment industry” was still evident.

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Yukina Kinoshita is appearing on Fuji TV for the first time in four years. She is now a well-known “ordinary person” active mainly on SNS. ……

Former celebrity and YouTube star Yukina Kinoshita appeared on the November 10 broadcast of “Zenryoku! Deryoku Times” (Fuji TV) on November 10. It was the first time in four years that she appeared on terrestrial TV.

On this day’s program, the theme “Is there really no one in Huwa-chan who is not a co-star? The plan was to invite guests who seemed to be difficult for Huwa-chan, such as Tamao Sato and others, to the talk corner where Huwa-chan was the MC, and Teppei Arita was in the studio laughing as he watched.

Then, a surprise appearance was made by Yukina Kinoshita.

As soon as she appeared, Huwa-chan’s eyes swam and she looked upset. They had never met before in their professional lives,

I met you by chance in private, and thank you for taking a picture with my children,” Kinoshita revealed.

Kinoshita revealed, “We ran into each other in private, and you took a picture with my children.

I wanted to post it on social media, but I was afraid it would get me in trouble. (I had been beaten up. (I wanted to put it on social media, but I thought it would cause trouble.

When asked, “Do you think the world has forgiven you?”

When asked if she was forgiven, Huwa replied, “I don’t know about that, but …… I think it’s totally fine.

Huwa-chan’s past work on Fuji Television’s “Quiz! Hexagon” (Fuji TV), which Huwa-chan used to watch in the past, and sang a line from “Hexagon of Love” by Pabo, the unit that Kinoshita formed with Mai Satoda and Suzanne.

Did Kinoshita hit it off?

I think that if we could collaborate together on YouTube, we would definitely get a good response and have a good chemical reaction,” he suggested.

When Kinoshita suggested that they collaborate on YouTube, Huwa-chan replied

I’m very late. ……

But Kinoshita said, “I’m going to wake her up.

I’m going to wake you up. I’ll do anything.

I’ll do anything.” “Really, I’d like to do it just once,” she pleaded.

I’ll do anything,” she pleaded. He then asked

“Can we exchange lines or something?”

I asked Huwa-chan, “Can we exchange lines or something?

I’m going to take a picture with (studio guest) Odagiri Joe after this.

I have something to discuss with Mr. Arita at …….”

He tried to avoid the situation by making excuses such as “I’m going to take a picture with Odagiri Joe (studio guest) after this.

After that, Huwa-chan answered, “100% NG with me,” so that Kinoshita would not know. The studio burst into laughter.

Kinoshita-san’s breakthrough as an entertainer came thanks to Shinsuke Shimada and Fuji Television. It was also talked about that Toshifumi Fujimoto of FUJIWARA, who co-starred with him there, fell in love with him, made a fierce attack on him, and they got married. It is …… that Mr. Kinoshita, who retired after the “tapioca store frightening disturbance,” will appear on Fuji Television again.

And this time, she was not “plain” Kinoshita, but was definitely acting according to the direction and script. It was truly a “return to talent. More than 15 years have passed since Hexagon, and the staff who were close to him at that time must have grown in stature within Fuji Television. I am sure that they still have a strong relationship with him, and I think that Kinoshita may be using this appearance as a foothold for a possible return to show business. I think she is looking to use this appearance as a stepping stone to a return to show business. ……” (Wide show insider)

In the comment column of the article in which Kinoshita appeared

I don’t understand the nerve of using this person on TV, who said intimidation to a civilian and didn’t even hold an apology press conference.

It’s disgusting.

TV is finished.

I don’t understand the nerve to use this person on TV who blackmailed the general public but did not even hold an apology press conference. The “big blaze” went off as planned, but I guess it means that she is attracting that much attention.

In the Instagram Stories she updated on the 11th, she wrote: “I was nervous, but I had fun,

I was nervous, but I was also enjoying myself.

I was nervous, but I was also enjoying myself. Will she really change her status from a famous “civilian” to a “celebrity”? ……

In August of this year, Yucchina responded to a direct interview with this magazine with a smile on her face. She was also seen looking lovingly at Sanko, who was holding his beloved poodle in his arms.
In July of this year, when it was reported that ryuchell had taken her own life, Yukina Kinoshita took to Instagram to criticize her own antics.
In November 2009, she posed with a smile for a direct interview with this magazine.
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