A TV station employee explains the crucial difference between Yukina Kinoshita and the “ideal celebrity couple. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A TV station employee explains the crucial difference between Yukina Kinoshita and the “ideal celebrity couple.

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Did Yukina Kinoshita herself think she could make a full comeback this time? ……

Yukina Kinoshita (35) has returned to terrestrial broadcasting.

However, it is extremely difficult to say whether there will be a second time. ……

Kinoshita appeared in the November 10 broadcast of “Zenryoku! Derekiryoku Times” (Fuji TV) on November 10. It is a variety show in which Teppei Arita of “Kurimu-Chu,” dressed as a newscaster, repeatedly asks guest comedians to do reckless things, and Hiroyuki Kishi, Miyoko Yoshikawa, and Takashi Saito, who sit in the upper seats, explain their antics with a straight face.

The guest that day was Huwa-chan, and in order to encourage her to reflect on her frequent tardiness, a project was underway in which she dressed up as a radio DJ and hit on people with whom she seemed to have difficulty getting involved. Takayuki Kinoshita of “TKO” was supposed to be the guest, but it was Yukina Kinoshita, who also has the surname Kinoshita, who came out.

The “ZENRYOKU! Dairiki Times” also featured Hidetsugu Shibata of “Untouchable,” who was working as a pin at the time, and as a result, he was able to appear alongside his partner, Zakiyama (Hiroya Yamazaki), for the first time in 10 years. It was accepted because viewers were well aware that Zakiyama was the junior member whom Mr. Arita adored the most.

Yusuke Inoue of “NON STYLE,” who was suspended after a fender bender in 2005, has also appeared frequently, which is probably due to Mr. Arita’s kindness.

However, few netizens seemed to understand Kinoshita’s appearance, even on social networking sites,

“I thought you retired?

“There’s no way she can make a comeback now.

and “There is no way Kinoshita Yukina can make a ‘comeback’ with this,” among others,

The only thing that happened this time is that Fuji Television, led by President Koichi Minato, who says, “Anything goes when it comes to variety,” and Yukina Kinoshita, who can’t read the atmosphere, were attracted to each other. It is the same as Hiroyuki Miyasako, who cannot come back to work even though Akashiya Sanma made an effort, Tokui Yoshimi of “Tutorial,” and Ken Watanabe of “Un-jash,” whose TV appearances have not increased at all.

As long as social networking sites are rejecting them, their return is not possible. In Kinoshita’s case, he still has 520,000 Insta-followers and still has enthusiastic fans. I think they asked him to appear on the show on the premise that he would be burned and that there would be some viewers who would support his comeback, but they went too far.

The timing of his return was also too bad. The timing of her return was also too bad. Her ex-husband, Toshifumi Fujimoto of FUJIWARA, was suspended from work after a “hit-and-run” incident on October 4, and on November 14 he was referred to prosecutors for violating the Road Traffic Law, but he has yet to even hold a press conference.

He is living apart from his beloved daughters, and Mr. Kinoshita lives with Hidetoshi Miyuki, a J2 soccer player, and his daughters are beginning to miss him. There has been a lot of criticism of Mr. Fujimoto, but he was so dependent on Mr. Fujimoto during the tapioca riot that he did not even mention the incident this time.

It is said that the reason for the original disagreement between Fujimoto and Kinoshita was their educational policy toward their daughters.

When things were going well,” said Kinoshita, “they would open their home to the public on TV, and Ms. Kinoshita would make a rule that the person with the dirty face would clean the dirty places, and Ms. Fujimoto would clean the drains in the bathrooms. However, without Mr. Fujimoto by her side, Ms. Kinoshita has no TV numbers at all,” said a variety show staff member.

Celebrities and celebrity wives with strong personalities, such as Hiromi and Iyo Matsumoto, who won V3 in the “Ideal Celebrity Couple” poll (surveyed by Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co., Ltd.), also have avenues to appear in commercials for household products.

Takashi Fujii and Otoha, Tomoharu Shoji and Miki Fujimoto of Shinagawa Shoji, and Hirohisa Ota and Chihiro Kondo of Jungle Pocket are among the latest to be in the limelight.

In Kinoshita’s case, his partner is Sanko, so even if they were to get married and appear together as a couple, they are obviously weak. She is not well known as a soccer player and her team is in J2, so I don’t think her current life is satisfactory for her. That’s why she wanted to return. ……” (casting producer)

The only remaining possibility for her to do so, though, is to rely on her contacts in the industry,

However, the man who brought her to the forefront with Mai Satoda and Suzanne, Shinsuke Shimada, is not going to be able to talk to the entertainment industry now. Reina Triendl and Mariara Tani are active in variety shows at Platinum Productions, to which she once belonged, and Nanao, Miwako Kakei, Anne Nakamura, and Yui Sakuma are all successful actresses. I don’t think they have any intention of bringing Ms. Kinoshita back.

A Fuji Television representative also said, “As expected, we are not going to bring her back,

“As you can imagine, there will be no next round for us either.

I think they have no intention of bringing Ms. Kinoshita back. Should she have continued her retirement after all? ……

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