Haruna Kawaguchi shows off her beautiful legs at the awards ceremony. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Haruna Kawaguchi shows off her beautiful legs at the awards ceremony.

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The blue knit that Kawaguchi wore in “silent” became a social phenomenon as it became popular as “Tsumugi (the role played by Kawaguchi) Codes.

On March 7, actress Haruna Kawaguchi (28), dressed in a bright light blue dress and standing tall, received the “AMD Chairman’s Award” for outstanding digital content for the drama series “silent” (Fuji TV), in which she played the lead role. The number of views of “silent” reached an all-time high of 61,910,000. Kawaguchi’s success is accelerating.

Kawaguchi is actually a veteran performer with 16 years of experience. For many years, he was not blessed with any hits, but in 2008, he appeared in the NHK historical drama “Kirin ga Kuru” as the understudy of Erika Sawajiri (36), which led to a major breakthrough last year. In the spring, she made her first appearance in an NHK morning drama with “Chimu Doton,” and in the fall, “silent” became a big hit. She is steadily approaching the status of No. 1 actress.

Her private life also seems to be fulfilling.

Since her relationship with mixed martial artist Yusuke Yaji (32) was revealed in 2007, she has often been seen on dates. The other day, a photo of Kawaguchi wearing a ring on her left ring finger was uploaded on her Instagram, and the Internet was abuzz with speculation that they might be getting married in a blitz. The Internet was abuzz with speculation.

Kawaguchi hails from the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture. Kawaguchi, who hails from the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture, will continue to make her way in the entertainment world with her healthy, beautiful legs and sprightly smile.

On YouTube, Kawaguchi says that she has recently taken up the challenge of running a marathon. Her channel has about 1.8 million subscribers.
Haruna Kawaguchi’s beautiful legs make her the “Road to No. 1 Actress”.
Haruna Kawaguchi, with her beautiful legs, is on her way to becoming a No. 1 actress.
Haruna Kawaguchi, the road to becoming the No. 1 actress with her beautiful legs.

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