Why Haruna Kawaguchi didn’t prioritize “marriage” with martial artist Yusuke Yaji. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why Haruna Kawaguchi didn’t prioritize “marriage” with martial artist Yusuke Yaji.

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The “AMD Chairman’s Award” ceremony, which “silent” (Fuji Television Network) won (’23, March 31, April 7).

Shocking news came on April 11. Smart FLASH” reported that Haruna Kawaguchi (28) had broken up with her boyfriend, martial artist Yusuke Yaji (32). According to the article, in an interview in the May issue of the women’s magazine “GINGER,” Kawaguchi talked about the diversifying nature of love, and about her own love life,

In fact, love is not that high on my priority list right now.

I’m not interested in marriage at this point in time.

I’m not so concerned about marriage at this point. This was a big hit with fans who believed that the two were in a good relationship,

“Isn’t this a hint of a breakup?”

This was spread on social networking sites by fans who believed in their successful relationship. Since their relationship was revealed in November 2007, the two have been reported to have been seen on numerous dates. Fans have been generally favorable to their unpretentious and natural appearance, so it must have come as a shock to them to see what they had to say.

However, a few days before this, in early April, this magazine “FRIDAY” reported that the two were walking their dog, Amu. The two were walking shoulder to shoulder near Kawaguchi’s apartment at dusk, smiling at the frolicking Amu. Kawaguchi was friendly to a passerby who came to talk to her.

It seemed as if the couple was “counting the seconds”… Let us re-read the interview in “GINGER” in which Kawaguchi’s comments that triggered the breakup were clipped,

Even if we are in a romantic relationship, our ideal relationship would be one where we can be together when we want to see each other, when we want to rely on each other, and in those important moments.

In the midst of the general public’s diversifying view of marriage, she expressed her yearning for a style that allows her to put her own time first while maintaining a sense of distance that allows her to be considerate of the other person. This certainly describes her flat view of love, but it does not show much enthusiasm for marriage. What are her true intentions?

Ms. Kawaguchi said, “Until a short time ago, I would have married her if I could have done so right away. However, his own position no longer allows him to do so. She has become one of the top actresses thanks to the success of “silent” and the fact that she has the largest number of commercial contracts. It was just the beginning of her career, and of course, her marriage would be tied up with commercials. For this reason, she may have decided that marriage is difficult at this time. As seen in the cases of Satomi Ishihara and Erika Toda, an increasing number of top-class actresses are not getting married unless it is the right time to have children.

Kawaguchi’s words, “I don’t care about the form of marriage,” had a number of reasons behind them.

A young couple walking their dog and the two of them looking the same (’21 May 21)
The relaxed atmosphere of the couple can be felt (May 21, ’21 issue).
The couple bought a cake and went home that day (May 21, ’21 issue)
Haruna Kawaguchi and Ryusei Yokohama on location for “Dressed for Love, There’s a Reason” (TBS) (April 30, ’21 issue)
Haruna Kawaguchi running up the road to becoming the No. 1 actress with her beautiful legs (March 31, 2011/April 7, 2011 issue)
At the end of the first episode of “silent,” there is a famous scene in which Kawaguchi, the lead actress, pulls over her ex-lover whom she saw on the street. When the cut is made, the two listen intently to the production staff (November 22, 2010 issue).
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