Haruna Kawaguchi, the “censored actress” who returned from “silent,” is on a roll! …Haruna Kawaguchi “too bold pure white sleeveless” photo | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Haruna Kawaguchi, the “censored actress” who returned from “silent,” is on a roll! …Haruna Kawaguchi “too bold pure white sleeveless” photo

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Dazzling Sleeveless Appearance at Tiffany Event! Also present in “Hayabusa Fire Brigade” and latest commercials.

She is a multi-talented actress with more than 1.8 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.

One day in mid-September, around sunset, actress Haruna Kawaguchi (28) appeared at the opening event of “Tiffany & Co. Omotesando” wearing high jewelry and a light suit vest.

Last fall, the drama series “silent” (Fuji Television), in which she starred, was an exceptionally big hit, and Kawaguchi herself became the center of attention. This year, she ranked first in the number of companies using her for commercials in the first half of the year, and she is also making her presence felt in the summer drama “Hayabusa Fire Brigade” (TV Asahi).

Although her career as an actress seems to be smooth sailing, Kawaguchi is a “hard worker” who once had her first starring role in the drama “My Husband’s Girlfriend” (TBS), which was cancelled due to low viewer ratings. Columnist Mihoko Yamada analyzes the reasons why Kawaguchi has become a super-successful actress.

She is a talented actress, of course, but her strength lies in her popularity among women. In “silent,” she played the role of a life-size woman who is trying her best to support her boyfriend, a role that women can easily relate to and want to support. Ms. Kawaguchi herself has a straightforward personality and a longtime boyfriend, and even when she plays with good-looking actors, her popularity among women remains high. No wonder she has been cast in so many commercials.

It seems unlikely that she will relinquish her position as the “queen of likability,” a title that she has won after much hard work.

Haruna Kawaguchi, who has been in great shape since “silent”, has given up her role as a “cancelled actress”.
Haruna Kawaguchi, the reason why she has been doing so well since “silent”.

From the October 6, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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