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Former “King & Prince” Yuta Kishi Finally Joins TOBE? The contents of the big announcement of “Tetsuwan DASH

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Kishi during the filming of a drama. He also looks cool in school uniform!

Expectations are high for former King & Prince member Yuta Kishi to restart his career. Kishi left King & Prince on May 22 this year and left Johnny’s on September 30. While his joining TOBE, a company founded by Hideaki Takizawa, has been the focus of much attention, October 15 is likely to be the “day of reckoning” for his fans.

Kishi left the agency just as the promotional activities for “G-Men” (released on August 25), in which he starred, came to a close, and with former King & Prince members Shiyou Hirano and Yuta Jinguji already having transferred to TOBE, it seems that his entry is a foregone conclusion both within and outside the industry.

He has also been a member of TOKIO since he was a member of the group, and has worked on TOKIO’s program “The! DASH! (Nippon Television Network) as a semi-regular, and it was also announced that he would appear on the October 15 broadcast after leaving the group.

Fans were upset because Kishi was also shown in the preview for the next episode (to be broadcast on October 15), which was aired on October 1. The 15th will be a three-hour special, and a project titled “Rice Cultivation 2023: The Complete Edition – Harvest Festival” will be shown. It was also announced that an “emergency live broadcast” would be held on the 12th to make a major announcement. Some Kishi fans responded on SNS, “A big announcement in an emergency live broadcast, does Kishi-kun have anything to do with it ……? (entertainment writer).

However, the “The! DASH! Soichiro Shimada, the chief producer of “The! DASH!” “It’s not a bad announcement, and it’s not a wide-show type of announcement. It is a flow of announcing a ‘major new project’ that had secretly begun, with a certain person moving from one place to another, of course. I’m going to make it a super easy-going live broadcast! (probably)” (original text in Japanese, same below), it seems that the project in the program will be unveiled.

On the other hand, it is said that there will be some movement in “TOBE” on the 15th.

On the 8th, a site maintenance notice was posted on the Hirano & Jinguji page of TOBE’s official site. The official fan club and artist site services for both artists will be unavailable from 3 to 8 p.m. on the 15th. New membership to the fan club will also be unavailable during the same time period, and SNS was abuzz with excitement, wondering if this was a preparation period due to Kishi joining the club.

Under such circumstances, the official X of “TOBE” announced at 6:00 p.m. on October 12, “2023.10.15 18:30 Emergency live distribution is decided! and an announcement. Up until now, former V6 members Ken Miyake, Hirano & Jinguji, seven members of the former Johnny’s Jr. unit IMPACTors (now “IMP.”), and former Kis-My-Ft2 member Hiromitsu Kitayama, who moved to TOBE from Johnny’s, have all appeared on YouTube live streaming to report their resumed activities.

The “Urgent Announcement” video that went up on the “TOBE OFFICIAL” channel on the 12th was already followed by “Kishi-kun, I’m waiting for you! This is …… that kind of thing, isn’t it? The video was uploaded to the “TOBE OFFICIAL” channel on the 12th, and many people have already commented that they are waiting for Kishi’s appearance, saying, “Kishi-kun, I’m waiting for you!

On the 15th, “The! DASH! will be broadcast from 7:00 p.m. to 9:54 p.m. TOBE” YouTube live will start at 6:30pm, before the program begins, so it is only natural that fans are excited. Also, the previous four live broadcasts, in which Miyake and others respectively announced their entry into “TOBE,” all started at 7:00 pm,

DASH! DASH!”, Kishi’s theory is very strong.
DASH! DASH!”, and the live distribution on the 15th and TOBE site maintenance ……, I can only assume that Kishi-kun will join the live distribution.

DASH! Will Kishi really show up for the live distribution of “TOBE”?

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