Haruka Igawa gives a good performance as Ryohei Suzuki’s wife in “Gekkokujo Kyuji”… “Kimutaku co-starring NG” turned into an old tragedy with her “tough way of handling the world”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Haruka Igawa gives a good performance as Ryohei Suzuki’s wife in “Gekkokujo Kyuji”… “Kimutaku co-starring NG” turned into an old tragedy with her “tough way of handling the world”.

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On location for “War of the Traps.” She played Kusanagi’s wife in the film (’22 Nov.)

On November 11, actress Haruka Igawa (47) posted on her Instagram an off-shot from the TBS drama “Gekkokujo Kyujo” in which she appears. Igawa plays the role of Mika, the wife of the main character, Osamuji Nagumo (Ryohei Suzuki), in the drama. She also plays the mother of two children in the drama, She wrote, “This is Aozora, Nagisa, and off-shot Tentaku and Ema-chan. The photo was taken with Eima Kurata (3) and Tentake Banya (10), who are also child actors, sitting on a four-seater seat on a train.

In her personal life, she married a fashion designer, Yoh Matsumoto, who is 14 years older than her, on November 22, 2006. Since the marriage, they have been blessed with a son and a daughter, so the role of a mother has become quite familiar to her. However, when Ms. Ikawa made her debut and got her break, few people in the industry must have imagined that she would become such a great actress,” says an entertainment reporter.

After graduating from junior college, Ikawa worked for a company as an office worker, but left the company after six months and started modeling.’ In 1999, she made her full-fledged debut in the entertainment world as a “Toyobo Swimsuit Summer Campaign Girl” and took the gravure world by storm as a “healing-type gradol.

With her “magnificent body line,” she was ready to sell, and even tried her hand at wearing a rather racy bikini. However, she did not want to remain a gradol and began to try her hand at acting as well. Having zero experience as an actress, she was eager to take on any role and absorb it, but due to her popularity at the time, she received an unexpected offer to star in a drama series.

To his surprise, her debut drama was “Sora Kara Kuru 100 Million Stars,” a Fuji Television drama series in the April 2002 season, starring Akashiya Sanma (68) and Takuya Kimura (50), who was a member of the then booming SMAP group. Ikawa played the role of the daughter of the chairman of a large corporate group who has feelings for an apprentice cook with special abilities, played by Kimura, so she and Kimura inevitably had many scenes together. However, this led to a “tragedy.

At the time, Mr. Ikawa was extremely busy and it was difficult to adjust his schedule. At the time, it was an unspoken agreement that all of Mr. Kimura’s dramas should be scheduled according to his schedule. However, the shooting schedule was arranged to accommodate Mr. Ikawa.

One scene involving Mr. Kimura was filmed early in the morning to accommodate Mr. Igawa, and Mr. Kimura was furious with the staff, asking, “Who the hell do you think you are? Mr. Kimura was furious with the staff, asking, “Who do you think you are? The fact that Mr. Ikawa’s acting was so amateurish that he had to deal with a lot of nongames was also a cause of irritation for Mr. Kimura. As a result, Mr. Kimura has since decided to stop working with Mr. Ikawa.

However, she has since steadily improved as an actress, appearing in a number of films, including the NHK television series “Junjo Kirari” (2006), and playing the leading role in “Glass House” (NHK, 2001) for the first time. She has also appeared in “Half Blue” (’18) and “The House of Glass” (’18). (2006) and “Ochoyan” (2008). She has also appeared in the historical drama “Hanamayu” (’15), the drama “Hanzawa Naoki” (’20, TBS), and the film “Sakananoko” (’22), and has become a popular actress who has been offered roles in many other popular productions.

In the Fuji drama “Trap’s War” in the January season this year, she played the role of the wife of the main character played by Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (49), a former member of SMAP, who is also Kimura’s character. The former entertainment journalist said that this had ironic consequences for Kimura.

Ms. Kusanagi appeared in “The Man Who Was Picked Up: Lost Man Found” (NHK BS Premium), a dramatization of a novel written by actor Satoshi Matsuo (47), who served as Ms. Ikawa’s valet at the same agency. Mr. Igawa also appeared as himself.

The president of Mr. Kusanagi’s office is Mr. Michi Iijima, the former chief manager of SMAP. He was probably involved in no small way in Mr. Kimura’s decision to not allow Mr. Igawa to perform with him. However, Mr. Ikawa’s office had little to do with the former Johnny’s office, and now the whole office is on Kusanagi’s list of “favorites.

Mr. Ikawa accepted to work with Mr. Iijima’s office in spite of his past grudge with Mr. Kimura. The secret to her longevity in the entertainment industry is that she has remained soft-headed in her work even after becoming a successful actress.

Perhaps Kimura is the most surprised by Ikawa’s growth as an actress and her current success.

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On location for “Sustainable Love? ~(Father-Daughter Marriage March) on location. She is smiling even though the cameras are not rolling (May ’22).
Leaving the venue after presenting the Elandor Award (February ’19).
Igawa on stage for the opening night of the film “Mizuchi: The Water Spirit” (May ’06).
Igawa says she was never good at horror films, but she is now a heroine in a horror film.
At the press conference for “Koi no Karafuda Drama Special – Love Stories III” (NTV). With Tomosakarie (left) and Rie Mimura (right) (September ’06)
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