Fans rejoice…she passed the Japanese professional test in one shot! The next generation of Korean golf heroines showcased their “beautiful shots”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice…she passed the Japanese professional test in one shot! The next generation of Korean golf heroines showcased their “beautiful shots”.

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Song Ga-eun poses for the camera. Her lovely smile is her most attractive point.

The JLPGA (Japan Ladies Professional Golfers’ Guild) final professional women’s golf test was held from October 31 to November 3, and 21 players who finished in a tie for 19th place passed the test. The test is known as an extremely difficult one, with a 3% pass rate, but a young 22-year-old from Korea passed the test with one shot.

His name is Song Ga-eun (registered name with the association is “Song Ka-yin” in Chinese characters), and he finished the four-day event at a total of 9-under par and tied for 8th place, earning him a pass. After the test, she said, “I want to play on the Japanese Tour,

After the test, she said, “I want to play well on the Japanese tour. (I want to play on the Japanese Tour, and my target is Park In Bi.

I want to play on the Japanese Tour,” she said happily.

It was quite difficult for her to pass the test on a Japanese course she was not familiar with, but she was one of the most popular young players on the Korean Women’s Tour in her home country. As an amateur, she was a permanent member (sub-member) of the Korean national team and turned pro in ’19. She made her debut on the Dream Tour, the second division of the Korean Women’s (KLPGA) Tour, and steadily climbed the money rankings by qualifying for the tour, and began full-fledged participation on the regular tour in 2009.

The spotlight was on her in her debut season at the Hana Financial Group Championship. In a playoff with Australia’s Minjee Lee, who has 10 career wins on the U.S. Tour, she won the tournament with a birdie on the third hole to take her first victory and become the center of attention. In the same year, he finished 13th on the money list with six top-10 finishes and also won the Rookie of the Year award.

In 2010, she was selected as a “KLPGA Publicity Model,” a sign of a popular professional determined by fan votes, and also won her second career tournament at the “DeBo House D Open. Although she has not won yet this season, she has played 27 tournaments and finished in the top 10 five times, ranking 40th in the money list (the top 60 in the money list earns the seeding for the following year), and is almost certain to be seeded.

Irons boast a high fairway accuracy rate. He is confident in the accuracy of his irons.

In the midst of such a situation, he challenged the Japanese professional test, saying, “I need a new change. Although the number of Korean players on the Japanese Tour is smaller than it used to be, a Korean player named Jung Ji-yu (27), who started playing golf at the age of 18, passed the Japanese professional test last year and is currently competing on the lower step-up tour this season.

Song Ga-eun also dreams of playing in Japan like her predecessors, Lee Bo-mee and Kim Ha-neul, who have retired, and Shin Jie, who is still active. With two wins in Korea already under her belt, she will probably try her luck in the qualifying rounds for the first division tour coming up this month. There is a good chance that she will win a spot on the tour, and it will be interesting to see if she is a new contender for the title.

Incidentally, he is not a very tall player at 161cm tall, and his driving distance of 228.37 yards on the Korean Tour this season ranks 106th among all players, so he is not a very fast player. Even so,

I have good accuracy off the tee, and I am confident in my ability to hold the fairway. I am good with the middle irons.

I am good with middle irons.

She has been a member of the Korean national team since she was an amateur player, and she is also characterized by the fact that she does not break down too much. Her mental stability is also very stable, and she has a good chance to be one of the top players on the Japanese Tour.

In recent years, the Japanese Tour has seen many young players such as 19-year-old Shinna Sakurai, Nana Suganuma, Shiho Kuwagi, and Yuri Yoshida, in addition to the twin sisters, Mimu Yamashita and Chirei Iwai. It will be interesting to see if Song Ga-eun can break into that group and become one of the new popular players to liven up the tour.

This photo was taken when she worked as a PR model. Her well-trained legs peek out from her bright red skirt.
[Image] Passed the Japanese professional golf test in one shot! Fans are excited by the “beautiful shot” of the next-generation heroine of the Korean golf world.
[Image] Passed Japan’s Pro Test in a Single Shot! Fans Are Excited by the ‘Beautiful Shot’ by the Next-Generation Heroine of the Korean Golf Industry!
[Image] She Passed the Japanese Pro Test in a Single Shot! Fans Are Excited by the ‘Beautiful Shot’ of Korea’s Next-Generation Golf Heroine!
Next season, you may be able to see her in action on Japan’s first division tour. We look forward to seeing the brilliant play of the next heroine candidate!
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