Like a top model! Korean women’s golf publicity models in the midst of their success showcased their “too-cute” pictures. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Like a top model! Korean women’s golf publicity models in the midst of their success showcased their “too-cute” pictures.

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The publicity photos of the “PR Models” that were released to the public. They showed off their retro costumes.

The heated battle between Tsuyokawa golfers is also taking place across the ocean.

The first half of this season’s domestic women’s golf tour will conclude with the “EverColoragen Queen’s Crown” to be held from July 13 to 16. With the total prize money surpassing the 30 billion won (approx. 3.3 billion yen) mark for the first time this season, the spotlight is on the Korean women’s golf industry.

Leading the women’s golf industry in Korea are the beautiful women who have been selected as “KLPGA PR Models. They are the “faces of Korean women’s golf,” selected based on past results and fan votes, and this year 12 were chosen.

This year, 12 girls were selected. Each year, in addition to their cute golf attire, the girls show off costumes that match the theme of the year, and this year, too, they are the talk of the town in Korea. Kim Myung-Woo, a sports writer and expert on Korean golf, explains.

This year’s concept is ‘sporty,’ ‘vitamin,’ and ‘classic. It is standard to see professional golfers in “sporty” golf wear. Vitamins” are meant to be refreshing vitamins for golf fans, and are worn with the image of fruit. For the “Classic” event, the players were photographed in 1950s to 1970s fashion, with the aim of presenting a graceful and elegant appearance. Every year, the Korean fans respond, “This is a new side of me, different from the image I have in the tournament,” and the players are also very happy to be photographed in outfits they have never worn before.

The “PR Models” are top golfers in both name and reality. It is not only their dainty visual appearance that attracts attention. In the first half of the tournament, there were many matches where their beautiful skills shone through.

Park Gyeol is popular for her overwhelming visual appeal. She looks good even in a sheer outfit.

Last season’s money queen, Park Min-ji (24), won twice with her consistent golf performance, and Lee Ye-won (20), the crown jewel of Korean women’s golf in her second season, won for the first time in the opening round of this year’s domestic tournament.

Among them, Park Gyeol (27) is the one who has been attracting the attention of fans. With a model’s height of 167cm, she has been called a “real Barbie doll. Not only is she a beauty, but she has also been shining this season, finishing second in the KLPGA Championship, a major in Korea. Fans’ expectations are rising for her first tour victory since 2006.

The brilliant battle of the “PR Model 12” continues.

A group cut in another concept, “vitamins”. The colorful colors are eye-catching.
Park Hyun-kyung is one of the most popular players. She is also a first-class player, as she is involved in the battle for the prize money queen every year.
Park Min-ji is playing the battle for the prize money queen again this year as the absolute queen. High shot accuracy is her strength.
Park Gyeol is dressed in a “sporty” costume. Her tight outfit accentuates her beautiful body line.
Group shot in “sporty” golf wear. The extensive promotions are one of the secrets of the popularity of Korean women’s golf.
  • PHOTO KLPGA, KLPGA official Instagram

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