Masaki Okada Rises to Fame Amid Intense Scrutiny, Dubbed Industry’s Top Cost-Performance Actor | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masaki Okada Rises to Fame Amid Intense Scrutiny, Dubbed Industry’s Top Cost-Performance Actor

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Four Years After the Infidelity Scandal: Masaki Okada’s Resurgence in Entertainment Industry

“He’s so cute!”

Actor Masaki Okada passionately spoke about his child on the January 30th broadcast of “May I Predict Your Fate? 2-hour SP” (Fuji TV). 

This marked his return to the prime-time slot on a commercial network (from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM) after approximately four years. On this occasion, he received a reading from the fortune-teller Leung Kinoshita.

Regarding Okada, in 2020, he was involved in a scandalous affair with actress Erika Karata. Following this, he divorced his former wife, Kyoko Fukada. Subsequently, Kyoko relocated to France with their three children.

On the program, Kinoshita told me

“The essence is just being casual. However, it’s evident that my inability to be casual has led to significant troubles and failures.”

Masaki Okada responded,

“Yeah, you’re right. That’s the truth.” 

With a hint of emotion, he continued, 

“I think there’s been a contrast between seriousness and casualness even within my family.”

He confessed with a heartfelt tone.

Okada’s conversation heated up when the topic turned to his children. Currently, living in a remote mountain area, Okada revealed that he hardly gets to see his three children.

Regarding his children, Masaki Okada expressed,

“They hold tremendous weight within me. I’ve never felt anything like this in my daily life. Children stir the heart. When I hear the sound of my children’s sleeping breath, I feel like my own life has ended. They are more important than myself. It’s amazing.”

He spoke passionately. 

“Meta meta kawaii!”

and revealed that he is still supporting him emotionally.

In the midst of it all, calmly interjecting was “Michopa,” also known as Miyu Ikeda. After the video segment, she said, 

“I wonder why it turned out like this.”

And she hit the nail on the head. Online, comments such as 

“That’s so true.” 

“Such an accurate retort.” 

It became a topic of conversation.

Reflecting on this during the broadcast of “Michopa Ra” on Nippon Broadcasting System on the 18th, Michopa remarked, 

“I don’t really want to say it, but this was actually me holding back.”


She continued, 

“It sort of slipped out like my inner voice, you know? It seems to have become a huge topic on X (formerly Twitter), and I feel kinda sorry about it,” she continued.

Such exposure of Okada has been gradually increasing. Not only is his eccentric lifestyle of self-sufficiency in the mountains noteworthy, but his reputation in the workplace is also excellent. According to entertainment industry insiders who have worked with Okada on stage,

“They’re incredibly humble and polite on set. With excellent communication skills, they often engage in conversations with directors and producers. Most importantly, since they aren’t tied to any particular production company, they can keep their fees low, which is fantastic.

Having experienced losing everything due to the scandal, they approach work with a sense of gratitude just to have it. They’re willing to work for the asking price we offer. With their outstanding popularity, they’re highly valued as the ultimate cost-performance actor.” 

They revealed.

Many producers who have hired Okada are unanimous in saying, “We want to work with him again,” according to sources.

“Apparently, most of his schedule for 2024 is already filled. Even though his fees are low, with the number of projects he takes on, it adds up to a decent income. Plus, since he lives a self-sufficient lifestyle in the mountains, he doesn’t have to worry about food. There really isn’t another actor like him, haha,” said a film industry insider.

Okada has also been increasing his appearances as a guide on “At the Ends of the World, Leaving Hiroki Abe Behind,” broadcasted on ABEMA, and as a commentator on ABEMA’s news programs.

“It seems that by increasing his media exposure, Okada hopes to garner interest from his children who are far away. He himself has reportedly said, ‘You never know where they might be watching from,'” shared a sports newspaper reporter.

In the previously mentioned “May I Predict Your Fate?” program, at the end, Kinoshita asked Okada,

“Your children will definitely come to see you.”

“Their feelings are strongly directed towards you.”

These were the predictions made by Kinoshita, causing tears to well up in Okada’s eyes. It’s heartening to hope that his feelings reach them.

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