The “faces” of the industry…The overwhelming beauty and ability of the “PR models” of Korean women’s golf “Image Collection | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “faces” of the industry…The overwhelming beauty and ability of the “PR models” of Korean women’s golf “Image Collection

From the most powerful prize money queen of all time to a super rookie, the battle has begun in earnest!

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The Korean women’s professional golf tour started on April 6, and the “Tsuyokawa” golfers have begun their heated battle across the ocean. In addition to the record-high prize money of over 30 billion won (approximately 3 billion yen), the “KLPGA PR Models” are also attracting the attention of fans.

Park Gyeol (27).
A visual queen of the new era who is called a “real Barbie doll.

Park Gyeol is 167 cm tall with a model’s figure and can wear any tight clothing. She has even appeared in TV commercials in the past, taking advantage of her good looks. This season, she is aiming for her second win since 2006 with extraordinary determination.
Park Gyeol

The players are the “faces” of Korean golf, selected by the association based on the results of fan voting and their past performance. They participate in events sponsored by the association, have calendars and postcards produced, and are at the forefront of the association’s publicity activities, acting as a bridge to the fans,” said Kim Myung-woo, a sports writer and expert on Korean golf.

Twelve PR models have been selected for this season. The most notable player is Park Gyeol (27).

She is so good-looking and has such a great style that she could work as an actress. Of course, she is also a top-class golfer, and her greatest weapons are her consistent driver and her putting, which ranked 15th among all players last season. This off-season, she has been working hard to strengthen her lower body and renewing her clubs.
Other popular and talented players include Park Min-ji (24), the absolute queen who has been ranked No. 1 in the money ranking for two consecutive years, and Lee Ye-won, a 20-year-old rising star who won her first domestic tournament this season,” said Kim.

The first domestic major tournament to be held in Ibaraki Prefecture in May has an invitation limit for overseas players, and there is a possibility that these girls will come to Japan. Their brilliant play is sure to entertain many fans, not only in Korea.

Park Hyun-kyung (23)
Working closely with her father, she is challenging for her long-cherished title of queen of the prize money.

With her consistent putting, Hyun-Kyung has been in contention for the queen of the money every year, but has failed to win the title. This season, she hopes to capture the crown together with her father, who also serves as her caddie.

Cho Ah Young (22)
Former Golden Rookie” burning for revenge

She burst onto the scene with two wins after joining the regular tour in 1919, and has since risen to stardom. Can he improve his putting, which has been one of the reasons for his recent slump, and regain his former glory?

Lee Chae-woong (23)
A talented player who is riding a wave of momentum after setting a new personal best.

Last year, she finished in the top 10 four times, the most in her career, in the 27 tournaments she played. On the other hand, she has had her share of ups and downs, failing to qualify eight times. Improving her putting consistency is an issue for the future.

Lee Ye-Won (20)
A treasure of the Korean women’s golf world, Lee Ye-Won achieved her long-sought first victory on the tour.

In her rookie year last season, the prodigy finished in the top 10 13 times out of 29 tournaments played and finished 3rd in the money ranking. She won for the first time in the opening round of this season’s domestic tournament. His ability is the real deal.

From the May 5, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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