Former King&Prince “Yuta Kishi”, who is about to leave the group, shows his love for the group with a key chain! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former King&Prince “Yuta Kishi”, who is about to leave the group, shows his love for the group with a key chain!

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Kishi during the filming of a drama. He also looks cool in school uniform!

On August 23, King & Prince’s Kaito Takahashi and former member Yuta Kishi, who left the group on May 22, made a surprise appearance on “King & Prince Ren Nagase’s Radio GARDEN” (Bunka Hoso), a radio program hosted by Ren Nagase. Fans on SNS were very excited. Kishi will leave Johnny’s on September 30, but it seems that his “love for KIMPURI” lives on in his heart, according to an entertainment writer.

On November 4, 2011, Kishi, Yuta Jinguji, and Shiyou Hirano announced that they would leave the group on May 22, 2011, and on May 23, King & Prince was re-started as a duo consisting of Takahashi and Nagase. While many fans are still having a hard time sorting through their feelings, the broadcast featured a cross-talk session between Takahashi, Nagase, and Kishi, who are still members of Johnny’s. The official website of Bunka Hoso announced in advance that the event would take place on May 23, and that the broadcast would be held on the same day.

The official website of Bunka Hoso announced in advance, “This week’s broadcast will be the biggest surprise since the beginning of Garden Radio! Please listen to the program to find out the details, so please check it out in real time!” (original text in Japanese, same below). He urged listeners to listen to the program in real time.

Also, Nagase updated his blog on Johnny’s web, a membership site, at 11 p.m. on the 23rd before the on-air show. He reminded listeners that they might want to listen to “Ren Nagase’s Radio GARDEN” more often, and used a lot of surprise marks and “lol” characters. In fact, it is said that this was a “hint.

Kishi has been using a lot of surprise marks and ‘lol’ in his blogs. It is so characteristic that it is called “Kishi-kun syntax” among fans. Since the taste was clearly different from Nagase’s usual blog, some fans were expecting Kishi to appear on the radio. As a result, it turned out to be a reality. During the program, former members Hirano and Jinguji’s names came up, and they talked about episodes from past birthday parties, creating a fun atmosphere.

Even though they were separated, their friendship remained strong. Kishi, who has started his own separate life from Takahashi and Nagase, must still care about the members even after leaving the group.

When Kishi visited Korea in June for the regular TV program “VS Soul Gradation” (Fuji TV), he was photographed by passengers at the airport. As the photos spread, fans took notice of a knapsack that appeared to be Kishi’s personal belongings. Upon closer inspection, they found that it had an acrylic keychain that was a bonus for the regular edition (first pressing) of the single “Tsukiyomi / Saori” released in November last year. Moreover, it had a design featuring the five members. If Kishi wanted to keep her distance from her old group, she would not have worn this item in June.

Fans who saw the photos taken at the airport said,

Kishi’s knapsack with an acrylic key chain. It’s like he’s saying, “The five of us will always be together,” which makes me cry.
I cried when I saw Kishi’s acrylic keychain on his knapsack, it made me happy to know that he loves the 5 of them.
I’ve been saving the acrylic key chains, but if Kishi is wearing it, I’ll wear it too!

Kishi was so moved by the news.

As mentioned above, Kishi will leave Johnny’s on September 30, and on July 7, Hirano and Jinguji announced that they would join TOBE, a new company founded by Hideaki Takizawa. Whatever their respective circumstances in the future, we hope that their friendship will continue.

  • Photographed by Yusuke Kondo

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