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Career path in “TOBE”–Shiyou Hirano solo artist to go global & Yuta Jinguji great producer

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Hirano has such a strong “overseas orientation” that he cites it as one of the reasons for his departure. He will continue to run toward his dream.

On July 7, the night of Tanabata, an event occurred that made the enthusiastic fans of King & Prince, “Tiara,” “in love” with each other. Shiyoh Hirano (26) and Yuta Jinguji (25) announced that they would be joining “TOBE,” the entertainment company of Hideaki Takizawa (41), the former vice president of Johnny’s. The announcement was made on the official website of TOBE.

Hirano and Jinguji appeared live on the official TOBE YouTube channel, the first time the two had appeared on the stage in a month and a half since leaving Johnny’s on May 22. It seems that they will have TOBE back them up for domestic work and fan club management, while they will get other jobs on their own,” said a TV station source.

When Hirano announced his departure from Johnny’s last November, he revealed that he had a strong desire to go abroad as the reason behind his resignation. It appears that he will continue to consider “going global” in the future.

“He will work as a solo artist with an emphasis on hip-hop dance. Hirano-san started learning to dance in the second grade of elementary school and has been highly skilled since his days with Johnny’s. If given the chance, he will probably try his hand at acting, but his main focus will be on music” (source from a record company).

Some media have reported the possibility of “entering the Chinese market. However, the record company official mentioned above questions this theory.

Hirano’s biggest goal is America. When he was a member of Johnny’s Jr., he was taken by the late Mr. Kitagawa (87 years old) to see a show in Las Vegas. Before his death, Mr. Janney wanted his talents to perform on the American stage, and Mr. Hirano sympathized with his mentor’s wishes. In fact, in ’19, after their debut as Kimpuri, Mr. Hirano initiated the idea, and the five of them traveled to the United States to take lessons from world-class hip-hop dancers,” said a former record company insider.

(A source at a record company mentioned above) “I want to make my dream and my mentor’s dream come true in the U.S.” – that is what was on Hirano’s mind. Hirano may have such thoughts in his mind.

When he was with the company, Jinguji was often in charge of directing live performances of “Kimpuri. This experience will be utilized in his future career.

While Hirano has a strong “overseas orientation,” Jinguji’s fans at one point whispered that he might retire. When Hirano and Yuta Kishi (27) announced their departure from the group last year, Hirano and Yuta Kishi (27) spoke of their desire to go abroad, but Jinguji did not say what he wanted to do in the future. However, as time goes by, Jinguji’s “career path” seems to be becoming more defined. An entertainment professional pointed out the possibility of becoming a stage actor.

Since he played the leading role in a stage production in ’21, many people involved in the stage industry have been impressed with Jinguji’s acting ability. Jun Hashimoto, 59, who belongs to “Gekidan Shinkansen” and is active mainly on stage, is one of them. He and Mr. Jinguji have been good friends since they co-starred in last year’s drama “Receptionist Joe” (NTV) and keep in touch regularly. We can expect a pattern where Mr. Hashimoto recommends him and Mr. Jinguji performs on the stage.

Jinguji’s high level of dance technique, singing ability, and acting ability that he has cultivated in “Kimpuri. Jinguji has another weapon in his arsenal.

I think he can also show his talent as a “producer. Jinguji has a broad perspective and can see the whole picture, which is why he was often in charge of directing the live performances of “Kimpuri. He can also direct concerts for Hirano and other artists who will join TOBE in the future.

Hirano and Jinguji have taken a new step forward. Will they be able to find themselves at the top of the heap, as in their signature song, by making the most of their respective strengths?

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