Johnny’s” TBS producer criticized for “quitting KIMPURI” and the possibility of leaving the company… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s” TBS producer criticized for “quitting KIMPURI” and the possibility of leaving the company…

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Shiyoh Hirano, former Kimpuri member who became independent from the former Johnny’s office and joined Hideaki Takizawa’s “TOBE

I have an important announcement to make at the end of November. It is about me personally.

Hiroki Ueda, a producer at TBS, updated X on his SNS before dawn on October 30. He announced an “important announcement” regarding his personal life, but did not mention anything other than the above, and left the content of the announcement under wraps.

Mr. Ueda is a well-known producer of “Beautiful Life” starring Takuya Kimura and Takako Tokiwa, “ATARU” with Masahiro Nakai, and “Yugure ni, Te wo Tsunagu” starring Suzu Hirose with Ren Nagase from King & Prince (Kimpuri) in the other role.

On October 15, shortly after Yuta Kishi, Shiyou Hirano, and Yuta Jinguji, all former members of Kimpuri, announced in a distribution that they would be performing as the new group Number_i in TOBE, which is headed by Hideaki Takizawa, Mr. Ueda said

Well, it depends on each person, that’s all I can say. There are no pros and cons. However, I am a Renkai-supporter. That will never change.

I’m a Renkai-supporter, and that will never change,” he stated in X.

Renkai-担” is the nickname given to the fans of Ren Nagase and Kaito Takahashi, who remain with Johnny’s and continue to perform as members of Kimpuri. Although he did not mention them by name, it was as if he was publicly stating that he was supporting the current Kimpuri, not the ex-Kimpli who had quit.

He continued

People change their faces when they go astray. I don’t like it when people slash at their former comrades from behind when they are in trouble.

He then posted his personal feelings in full, but later deleted the tweet.

He later deleted the tweet.

You are small and have no imagination. It’s disrespectful to both parties.

When he received a comment from a general user criticizing him for being “small and unimaginative,” Ueda responded

I personally think that the timing could have been different. There were other ways. There is freedom, but there was not a shred of consideration, was there? Well, that’s my personal opinion, and I wish them well. I wouldn’t touch it.

I replied. This has not been deleted as of the 30th. On the other hand

I also clearly feel that TOBE is returning the favor and I don’t think well of them.

On the other hand, there were posts that agreed with Ueda’s opinion, “I don’t think TOBE is doing me any favors either. The Internet is truly a mixed bag of opinions.

TBS has thoroughly pursued and verified the old Johnny’s in “News Special” and other programs. It also reported that the new president, Noriyuki Higashiyama, told a former Johnny’s Jr. man, “You should go get fucked,” a comment that implied his complicity in the sexual assault of Mr. Kitagawa.

It was as if TBS was no longer a “blank slate” for the relationship between TBS and Johnny’s, but rather an “enemy” of TBS. Contrary to the station’s thinking, Mr. Ueda continued to “promote Johnny’s” and criticized those who had left the station. It is not surprising that he is viewed as a problem within the station, and it is possible that he is considering leaving the company.

As the issue of Johnny’s’s sexual assaults becomes more and more clear, even if he transfers to another office or becomes independent, he should not be criticized. Therefore, if someone in the position of a producer at a TV station criticizes them openly, it may not be surprising that it is controversial.

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